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  • Quick Glance
  • Shoe: Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport
  • Purchased at: Whole Earth Provisions, Alamo Quarry Market, San Antonio
  • First Test at: Brackenridge Park, San Antonio
  • Initial Impression: KSO’s with tank tread-like grip= my new off-road racing shoes of choice

It’s Father’s day tomorrow, as if I needed an excuse to go shoe shopping. Seriously, I am probably worse than most of the women on “Sex and the City” when it comes to this.

I had the afternoon to myself, (A rare treat indeed) so I took a drive over to The Alamo Quarry Market, to visit the store Whole Earth Provisions.

The store was FULL… It seemed to be filled mostly with people looking to find that “oh-crap-I-have-to-get-my-dad-a-gift-so-he-doesn’t-think-me-ungrateful” as well as the “we’re-going-to-bring-dad-to-the-sporting-goods-store-to-get-him-something-he-will-really-like-’cause-he-picked-it-out-his-damn-self” crowd…

Despite the crowds, the store was relatively easy to move through (I hate crowded buildings, I am ever so slightly agoraphobic) and there were plenty of staff on hand to assist the multitudes of people in the store. In fact, not only was there enough staff to help, with enough registers open that lines moved quickly, but the staff was also FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL!! Kudos to you for this whole earth provisions, kudos to you….

I have mentioned in the past how much I LOVE my Vibram FiveFingers KSO’s

There, marked 50%  off, on the wall, were brand spanking new Vibram TrekSports.

$49.99 for honest-to-God real not-counterfeit VFF’s? Slap me silly and call me Marge! I tried a pair on (size 41 in KSO’s and TrekSports for anyone who wants to donate a pair to me) to check the fit, and moseyed on over to the checkout to secure my magical find!

Let me say this again: $49.99 (+tax) for REAL VFF’s from an authorized retailer…

Plenty of other people have reviewed the TrekSport Model, including my favorite VFF Fansite http://www.birthdayshoes.com…. read their review (here dude, click here, I made it easy for you to find it, all you have to do is click here!) to check out the construction particulars, as well as updates to how the author’s pair seem to be holding up.

This review is about my first impressions and first (free)run in them…

I had a cooler full of water and Gatorade in the trunk of my trusty Z, so, like my usual impatient self I couldn’t wait to try out my shiny (not really) new shoes!

I left the Alamo Quarry Market to head over to one of my favorite places to train, Brackenridge Park. I made it there safely, obeying all due traffic laws despite my kid-in-a-candy-store enthusiasm.

I parked Zooey in the shade and closed her roof up. I changed into my NEW TrekSports (from my old KSO’s) quickly, and walked around for a bit to form an initial impression.

First wear…. I opted for the lightest color the store had available on sale as I have experienced “cooking toes” in my darker KSO’s…I do live in Texas ya know…

At first I was worried that the thicker sole might cause issues with Plantarflexion of my toes, (a must for obstacle racing, therefore a must for me) as my Fila Skeletoes do. In truth, these feel quite a bit stiffer, but with a load on them (weight) the toes flex with no issues, although I worry there might be “hot spots” on longer runs due to the less flexible toes. I’ll update this later, hopefully without blisters.

Plantarflexion Achieved!!!! Nice!

Walking around feels good, as do my KSO’s. I had expected the little knobby bits of tread to interfere slightly with the ground feel, but, amazingly, it doesn’t. This I had trouble believing when I read it in other reviews…. it is 100% true.


My KSO’s give me GREAT traction, but I was not expecting such a profound difference.

I decided to test this out immediately, and walked up the tree I had parked next to, thinking it would be a nice shady place to gather myself and my blown mind.

The tree and Zooey

holy traction Footman!!!

ONE foot has plenty of traction. the other foot isn’t actually bearing weight, it’s a pain in the butt to take a picture of your foot while precariously balancing on one leg

I put myself through some light warm-up exercises and contemplated different ways to break in my new shoes.

Brackenridge Park has an AMAZING playground structure for… well, it really looks like it was purpose built for Parkour and Free-Runners. I honestly cannot think what other audience was targeted when this structure was conceived and built.

It’s awesome.

I wanted to play.

So I did…

Not wanting you to feel left out, I took pictures for you. They’re in a slide show at the end of this post so you don’t get too jealous.

I wear a pair of wrist braces when doing parkour, cause I am an old man and I don’t want to break anything, but this leaves me with a fairly serious dilemma when practicing alone. My RoadID doesn’t play well with my braces. Hmmm.. 98 degrees out and I am about to throw my body around a mostly concrete and steel structure, and NO ONE else around (that knows me…. it just didn’t seem like a smart idea.

Then I had a smart IDEA…

RoadID (Wrist ID Sport) fits on the strap of TrekSports, and I now know, KSO’s as well!  Since the RoadID has NO sharp edges, I don’t think it will cut into your straps either. I’ll have to let Ed Wimmer of RoadID in on this one…

My RoadID fits on it…very well…I have since moved it to the outside (away from body) strap on the shoe

After about 30 minutes of climbing, rolling, quadripedalling and jumping onto and off-of stuff with near reckless abandon, I decided to call it a day to drive home and tell you all about it!

Enjoy the photos!

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