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Working out should be a bit fun and different, so for my AM cardio today I played an hour of “Just Dance 3” with the Things Three on Xbox Kinect.

Tomorrow I plan on doing a LONG run, 13-20miles, so today I am focusing on muscle strength and power, less ADHD today.

I was feeling frisky, so I did this whole workout, with the exception of the run, with a 25lb vest on. (including warmups)

  • Warmup:
  • joint rotations (wrists, neck, shoulders, hips, knees)
  • brisk walk around basketball court
  • Lunges (length of court)
  • Bear Crawl (length of court)
  • Reverse Bear Crawl (length of court)
  • Hopping Gator Crawl (length of court)
  • Leaping Ground Kongs (length of court)
  • Side Kongs (each side, length of court)
  • TRX Training (as circuit x2):
  • Dead hang Pull-Ups (5) (from Bar)
  • Dead hang chin up (5) (from Bar)
  • TRX push-up (hands in straps) (15)
  • Dead Man’s Hang (10)
  • Tricep pull-back (10)
  • TRX Atomic Push-Up (Feet in straps, plank to ab curl to ext. to pushup) (10)
  • Dumb bells (as circuit x2):
  • Shoulder shrugs (20 reps x 50lbs each hand)
  • Dumb bell Side Dips (25x 50lbs per Side)
  • Chest Flies (15 x 25lbs each hand)
  • Bicep Curl to Military Press (one slow and controlled movement)(10 x 25lbs each hand)
  • AP Wrist Curls (long Bar) (25x 40lbs)

5 dips x 2

1.4mi run (13:00min)

10 min stretch and cool down

Tomorrow I will run, far and LONG….