Thing #2 and Thing #3 are recovering from a bout with croup, so rather than take them to the gym this morning with me, we stayed home. (mostly as a precaution to not get on the gym kids club caregivers shit-list)The unfortunate result of this measure is that I did not get my usual AM workout, and had to do it after they all went to sleep for the night… I don’t do well being off my usual schedule….

I wore my new HR monitor for this workout, and it did well! getting closer to having enough experience with it to write a review.

So I hit it HARD:

  • Warmup:
  • joint rotations (wrists, neck, shoulders, hips, knees)
  • brisk walk around basketball court
  • Lunges (length of court)
  • Bear Crawl (length of court)
  • Reverse Bear Crawl (length of court)
  • Hopping Gator Crawl (length of court)
  • Leaping Ground Kongs (length of court)
  • Side Kongs (each side, length of court)
  • TRX Training (as circuit x2):
  • Dead hang Pull-Ups (5) (from Bar)
  • Dead hang chin up (5) (from Bar)
  • TRX push-up (hands in straps) (15)
  • Dead Man’s Hang (hands in straps) (10)
  • Tricep pull-back (10)
  • Oblique Pulls (10 Each side)
  • Kettle Bells (as circuit x2)
  • Shrugs (25 x 45 lbs each hand)
  • Bicep Curl to military Press (jerking) (15 x 25 lbs each side)
  • One Arm Swing Dips (10 each side alternating x 45 lbs)
  • Between the legs Figure “8”s (15 x 45 lbs)
  • Squat thrusts (10 x 45 lbs)
  • Dip/pull up Bars
  • 5 curl to inverted pull up
  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Leg Lifts
  • 5 curl to inverted pull up

Leg Press 15 reps x 250 lbs (x 2 sets) 

5 mile run (00:46:05) avg heart rate 170 max hr 188

cool down: 200m swim (at a leisurely pace, even walked some of it)

5 minute soak/stretch in hot tub