Tuesday’s Thermometer Reading, Right before my run

Tuesday evening’s run

Weds thermometer reading, right before run.

Weds evening run

There is, however, a such thing as too hot to run fast.

Two Runs, Two Days, Triple Digit Heat.  Still Ran.

There really isn’t much to say about running in this kind of heat, except to stay hydrated and avoid hyponatremia by replacing your lost electrolytes… there is a threshold to how much you can rehydrate safely. Beware of BOTH!!!

I ran last night @ one of my favorite training areas for trails, Comanche Lookout park in San Antonio… It has a few water fountains (near the top) and a great “fitness trail” for cross training….I’ll go out and take some pictures soon for ya’ll! I ran with a Camelbak on to be sure I stayed well hydrated for the entirety of the run.

Tonight I went out to run with the San Antonio Road Runners…and this group really knows how to do it… I’ll do a full write-up on this short, FREE group run soon, but tonight Mrs. MuddyJ is chomping @ the bit to watch “So You Think You Can Dance”