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I stopped into the Athlete’s Foot San Antonio this morning, for no better reason then I love to chat with other runners and to check the upcoming race fliers….

Also, there was a post on their website that they have a “limited number” of “Muddy Mayhem” Technical Tees available for $5 a piece…unfortunately they were out of my size. I would have bought several (much to Mrs. MuddyJ’s chagrin) as this event shirt has emerged as one of my favorite shirts this year, it’s comfy, fits well, and I really like the cut and color. I would have bought a female’s version, if it weren’t so effeminate….

I talked to the attendant in the store about the “Muddy Mayhem” and he immediately launched into (without mention of my review) a lament about how it would have been a much better race… if we HAD ALL RUN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Apparently, an errant individual, completely unrelated to the race, led the starting pack the wrong way, and everyone followed suit….

Thinking back and reading my previous review, I have decided to change my rating from 3 (of 5) Muddy Sneakers to 4 out of 5…

Had the course been run in the original direction, the layout would have worked at spreading the pack out a lot better, preventing the bottle necking that was such an issue on early obstacles during the race. It also explains why the obstacles got further and further apart at the end instead of closer and closer together.

My original Pro’s/Con’s list still stands, mostly, with an errata about the obstacle wait being an issue.

And, after hearing plans on improvements to next years “Muddy Mayhem” I look forward to running it again…

….I am still left wondering as to whether it was really ‘DIRT MUD’ or ‘COW MUD’

…and to prove that the Muddy Mayhem tee is one of my favorites, here’s a pic of me wearing it out to a completely non-athletic event…..