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In keeping with my “No Such Thing as too hot to run” theory, I ran last night on the beautiful trails of McAllister Park here in San Antonio. I had set out originally to just run an easy 5k…then I got lost and wound up doing 5.4 miles! I totally recommend this as a great place to run trails as they are very challenging and VERY technical… DO BRING WATER WITH YOU! I have been wearing a camelbak for each and every outdoor run since I almost had a heat related injury last week.I also wound up being very thankful for my Endomondo app tracking my run, as it helped me get back to my car after I got lost in the woods. A GPS is always a plus when running in an area you are unfamiliar with!

If you’re doing any type of obstacle race or off-road event, you SHOULD train here! (if you are local) The trails at McAllister Park were VERY similar to those I raced in the Spartan Sprint. During my third mile, I got distracted by a fitness group getting setup to do a “boot camp” workout and chatted with the group’s organizer, I may have to check it out to try some new training! Hasfit.com

Here’s a screen shot of my run summary and some photos I snapped with my phone while running the trails:

VFF Trek Sports @ McCallister Park…awesome and challenging trails…will do a lot more training here in the future…. GOT LOST around mile 3 and just kept running, I hit the pavement to finish out the last .5 mile …

I was mid-way up this hill when I decided to stop and snap a photo to share….

Seeing as I did an extra two miles in last night’s heat, I decided to take it easy this morning.


  • TRX Training (as circuit x2):
  • Dead hang Pull-Ups (5) (from Bar)
  • Dead hang chin up (5) (from Bar)
  • TRX push-up (hands in straps) (15)
  • Dead Man’s Hang (hands in straps) (10)
  • Tricep pull-back (10)
  • Dumb Bells (as circuit x2)
  • Shrugs (25 x 40 lbs each hand)
  • Dumb Bell Side Dips (25 x 50lbs each side)
  • Leaning row (8x 55 lbs each hand)
  • Chest Press (15 x 30lbs each hand)

My legs were feeling pretty beat up, so I did 1.5 miles  (13min)on the treadmill and hit the pool for 30 minutes of Plyometrics in the water as the landings are easier and the resistance is an added challenge:

  • Pool Plyometrics (as circuit x2)
  • Tuck Jumps (25)
  • Oblique bounding (bounding with an exaggerated twist to each side) (25 each side)
  • Muscle-ups on pool edge (full submersion, using only arms to pull-up/push-up to full extension) (25)
  • Squat Jumps (25)

I plan on trail running again tonight at McAllister Park, and possibly doing some Parkour in the woods. I am uncertain as to how far I’ll go… I guess it will depend on the heat and how I feel!