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  • Quick Glance:
  • Host:San Antonio Road Runners
  • Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s
  • Venue:Nice
  • Would I Run It Again:N/A-I couldn’t run this course, so I volunteered, and yes, I would volunteer for a SARR event again in the future, but I also can’t wait to run one as well
  • Muddy Sneakers Rating: N/A

Happy Independence Day to ALL! Last week I ran at the San Antonio Road Runners (SARR) Brackenridge Park Zoo Fun Run, a 2 mile jaunt on a very pleasant course through part of Brackenridge Park. It was my first chance to meet the core of the SARR, and I was very impressed with the effort and organization they put into a free event.

During that event,  they made an announcement about the Freedom Day Four Miler, and I decided that I would volunteer to help, since I would NOT be able to run in it with the Thing’s Three in tow.

Sometimes it seems like there are forces that align against you when you are trying to do something good…Last night all THREE THINGS woke up with bad dreams…so none of us got up bright-eyed and bushy tailed…in fact, I woke up @ 0600 and was supposed to be at the race venue @ 0615, with the Things Three in tow…as you have probably correctly guessed, that didn’t exactly happen…we woke up late, got out the door late, and showed up for our volunteer shift (you guessed it) …LATE…

Upon arriving at Schnabel Park, it became clear that we would need some direction…so I checked my email and found the confirmation email from the SARR coordinator complete with phone number… I called the coordinator to get direction on where to go, and to apologize for being so late!

“No problem, just come to the Graff Pavilion”

Finding the Graff Pavilion and coordinator was simple enough, once I knew where I was supposed to look, and I checked in, received a “volunteer admission” card to participate in an upcoming SARR event of my choosing, was issued an event T-shirt, and told to find the food coordinator to see where I could be used.

I tried to be pre-emptive, you know, figuring out where I was possibly needed before someone asked me too, but it soon became clear that I was working with a highly motivated team of volunteers. It didn’t take me long to realize that I would not be working very hard, but my help was still appreciated where ever it was given..in other words, it was a volunteer’s paradise! Everyone there actually wanted to be there!

Eventually I wound up working the grill, a simple enough task…all I had to do was grill hot-dogs…for 500+ people!!!!… I don’t know if I will want to eat a hot dog anytime soon…but I really can’t complain about the task. Relief was offered several times, and I refused it each time, feeling like I was doing no more than my fair share…though I did appreciate the other volunteers checking in with me to make certain I wasn’t feeling neglected or overworked, there really aren’t many things worse than feeling under appreciated for volunteer work…

The race itself started about twenty minutes late, seemingly due to shuttle issues…(it was a point to point course) but I heard no other complaints, save the usual parking issues and unavoidable race-day confusion.

The first few runner’s across the finish seemed to do so INCREDIBLY quickly, posting times for a 4 mile run lower than my 5k times…and, incredibly, the MC knew many of the finisher’s by name, with NO reference materials. I took that as a good sign that the Road Runner’s are probably a very tight-knit group.

Each runner received an ice-water soaked towel to cool off with as they crossed the finish line (KUDOS) and there were plenty of volunteers to keep everything moving smoothly as people began to eat and socialize.

I mingled a bit with the crowd, seeing a lot of t-shirts from events I have run this year. It was easy to strike up conversations with total strangers by pointing to their shirt and saying something along the lines of “how did you like that?”

I chatted with other mud runner’s, gave and got training tips, and talked about what’s next. It’s looking like San Antonio will have a strong presence in the upcoming October Tough Mudder in Austin, as well as the Glen Rose Spartan Beast in December…

…the Rebel Race was despised by everyone I talked to that ran it…

In summation, I had a great time volunteering with the Road Runners, and I can’t wait for their free FUN RUN this coming Saturday!!! I will definitely look forward to volunteering with them in the future, as well as running many more events they put on.