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  • Quick Glance
  • Shoe: Fila Skeletoes Voltage
  • Purchased at: Finish Line, Rolling Oaks Mall Location
  • Worn For: Austin Jailbreak, 20 miles (ish) of training runs, Gym workouts (light use)
  • Initial Impression: A hybrid of toe shoes and running shoes that fails at being either
  • Would I recommend them: yes, but for light indoor training only… this is NOT a durable shoe

When I first entered the realm of toe shoes, my first purchase was a pair of Fila Skeletoes 2.0… While I still wear those from time to time, I am a Vibram Five Fingers fan more so.

That said, unlike many other VFF fans, I still think that Fila and the Skeletoes line of shoes have their place among training shoes… a shoe with articulated toes is better than a shoe with a toe box, in my opinion. Even if you only separate the toes into four pockets

I bought myself a pair of the Fila Voltage shoes for no better reason then they were interesting, and ON SALE. I found them @ the Finish Line for $30 USD, and I couldn’t pass up 60% off.

If I had paid the FULL MSRP for these, ($75+) this would be a VERY different review, they did not last me long enough to be priced at 75 dollars or more.

Unlike most minimalist shoes, these have a thick & solid, yet flexible sole. The best way to describe them is that a pair of Nike Free’s knocked up a pair of skeletoes and this is the result of that union. My opinion of the toe pocket design is low, as it looks like the designers took a perfectly normal training shoe, cut three slits in it, and sewed a cotton /poly blend t-shirt into the resulting holes.The lacing system is the only truly positive thing about the shoes construction. It’s a speed lacing bungee system that is very quickly adjusted by pushing in a button and adjusting the length…

A “marshmallow” style sole gives these a ton of flexibility, while still providing a cushioning sole.

I do like the lacing system

I wore these to workout a few times, and for a few runs before I put them through the paces with the Austin Jailbreak. During that race they did manage to afford me superior traction on slick surfaces..however… After the Jailbreak Race, I wore these a few times for training runs, but stopped wearing them for any sort of training when the material between the toes started developing holes. (see pics below) I noticed this happened about 2 weeks after the Jailbreak, so it may have actually started during the race…

even though it’s a bit thicker, the sole is still very flexible

To sum things up:

  • Uses:
  • Indoor training
  • day-to-day wear
  • light hiking on well-groomed trails
  • Not good for:
  • trail running
  • obstacle racing
  • parkour
  • distance running
  • Pros:
  • Inexpensive ($30)
  • cushioning sole
  • neat lacing system
  • a comfortable shoe for indoor workouts
  • Cons:
  • Poorly Manufactured
  • Cheap materials
  • Don’t hold up to abuse well

My final impression: If you are looking for an inexpensive toe shoe to train indoors, this might be the shoe for you, however I would recommend spending just a little more and buying a nice pair of VFF’s instead, it will save you in the long run. This shoe just DOES NOT hold up to the abuse of outdoor training/trail running/parkour.

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