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I have had a very busy past couple of days, and I haven’t had time to get to the gym, or even go running. I have plans tonight to go to a gymnastics gymnasium that has open hours in the evening, for a rather cheap price, but this morning I was feeling a little antsy. Mrs MuddyJ, Thing #1, Thing #2, Thing #3 and I all had to get up very early this morning. While we were out and running about, our final errand brought us to Costco.

The parking lot @ the Costco I prefer to shop at has a parking area that is dug into the side of a large hill, and has a LARGE retaining wall as a result. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone past this wall and thought, “Hey, it would be fun to climb that wall, some day I’ll do it”

Today was that day! When we got to the Costco, the store wasn’t open yet, so to kill the 15 minutes or so we had until the store opened, I climbed it.

It was actually quite easy to climb, which was a bit of  a disappointment. I started up the middle, went halfway up, and decided it was too much like climbing a ladder to finish the climb. After descending, I walked over to a corner, and the surfaces there were much less predictable= harder climb. So up I went. I reached the top, and walked back down..

“How did the pics come out?”, I asked Mrs MuddyJ.

“What pics?”, was not the reply I was seeking, so back up the wall joint I went, pausing to turn around for a few photos.

It felt good to get moving a little after such a stressful and mostly inactive week.

Enjoy the pics below!