Back in the saddle again!!! I spent last week slacking off and eating terribly… so I eased into my weekly workout this week, starting last night…with a 10k run ( 00:57:46) in my KSO’s….

Sunday Night Run

..then a trip to the gym this morning

  • TRX Training (as circuit x2):
  • Dead hang Pull-Ups (5) (from Bar)
  • Dead hang chin up (5) (from Bar)
  • TRX push-up (hands in straps) (15)
  • Dead Man’s Hang (hands in straps) (15)
  • Tricep pull-back (10)
  • Oblique Pulls (10 Each side)
  • Dumb Bells (as circuit x3)
  • Shrugs (25 x 50 lbs each hand)
  • Dumb Bell Side Dips (15 x 50lbs each side)
  • Tricep Kick Backs (15×25 lbs each side
  • Wrist Curls (15x 15lbs each side)
  • Bicep Curl to Military Press (slow & smooth, 10 x 25lbs each hand)
  • Bent Over Row (15 x 25lbs each hand)

Then I hit the treadmill to work the run again… 6.75 miles in 1hr5min

I am training simultaneously for a Tough Mudder and The San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon, not to mention a little event called the Spartan BEAST in December, Followed closely by the Run For Your Lives… I’ll probably find something to keep me busy and motivated this summer as well….

The Only thing ALL these events have in common is running, and now that I am back up to my pre-barefoot distances, Running will be a MAJOR part of my workouts… ahhh, time to get back to those 70-80 mile weeks… Now I need to shower and clean the house, sooooo …HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!!