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This past Saturday, I volunteered to help with the SARR Women’s 5k. My friend Antonio and I found ourselves without much to do for long enough to run the course, and we did.

I screwed up big time…I ran the course barefoot (normal) , and I failed to stretch out properly afterwards (not normal).. then afterwards I attempted to go out on another training run (a scheduled run) but stopped that run due to some foot pain and malfunctioning electronics…

Monday I attempted to run on a treadmill in the morning, but I just did not feel “right” so I did the smart thing and stopped. I took the rest of Monday and Tuesday off, and rested Wednesday morning as well. I was feeling better( or so I thought) last evening, so I headed out to Brackenridge park for the Wednesday Night SARR Zoo Run.

I listened to the group announcements and warmed up a bit, anxious to try out a new pair of huaraches I had made earlier in the day. By the time we left the starting line, my distrust of my foot’s condition was but a fleeting thought in the back of my mind.

Then the first 1/4 mile kicked in…my right foot started to tell me I shouldn’t be running, and, like a fool, I ignored it… at the final turn around of the looping course, my foot was SCREAMING at me to stop running. Did I listen? NOPE! I finished out the run, with my buddy Antonio running next to me providing encouragement.

I tried to “walk it off” after the run, with the intention of warming it down, as opposed to letting it cramp again.

My buddy helped me back to my car, and I drove home with MY LEFT FOOT, which was an interesting challenge, thank GOD I no longer have a clutch to worry about. My injured (right) foot hurt so bad I couldn’t even depress the accelerator or brake.

My regular Quadrupedal Movement (QM) conditioning helped me get around the house last night, and this morning, I went to the local CVS and purchased a pair of aluminium crutches. The Thing’s Three helped me out around the house a lot today. I am truly blessed to have such great kids that can be counted on to help out when I need it most!

My right foot now seems to have gone on strike… I can’t bear weight on it quickly, though if I take my time it will allow me to stand on it. Dorsiflexion is painful to attempt, but can be achieved. There is very little swelling, and no bruising. I have not gone to the Doctor yet because, though it is painful, I think there is little that they will tell me to do (take it easy, no running for a while, elevate it, ice it a few times a day…etc) that I am not already doing. If it doesn’t begin to improve over the weekend, I will see a doctor on Monday morning.

I just hope it heals quickly, as I am anxiously expecting a pair of ZEM Terra’s in the mail to review any day now, and I am running the EisenHOTTER 5k/10k (I’ll be doing the 15k, which is an “only me” event) on August 18th. My biggest concern is the training downtime. My biggest and toughest events of the year are coming up…

On a brighter note, I received a gift in the in the mail from my longtime friend and fellow Spartan racer Lollipop. It’s a very comfy T-shirt from Skreened.com, the front reads “Burpees Don’t Really Like YOU Either” (apparently while browsing online, she saw it and IMMEDIATELY thought of me)

I will be posting this month’s fitness challenge in the next few days, so if you haven’t voted yet, DO IT (here) NOW! A running challenge is currently in the lead, so I may issue a double header challenge in the event that I can NOT run next month. (that way I’ll be able to do at least part of the challenge)

Enjoy the GimpyJ photos below, and please pray for me to heal SOON!

A picture I took of me wearing my brand new shirt “BURPEES DON’T REALLY LIKE YOU EITHER”

Yes, I am wearing a “regular” sneaker… GASP!