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Last month, L-Jay, of L-Jay Health.com issued his “25 Handstand Push-up Challenge” I accepted his challenge and completed this very tough task… Upon my completion, L-Jay challenged me to come up with a challenge for this month. I asked my readers to vote for their preference.

The votes have been cast, and the results are in… it is my great joy to announce this month’s DOUBLE HEADER FITNESS CHALLENGE!

The option that received the most votes is a running challenge, closely followed by a pull-up challenge….so I am issuing a challenge for both!

1) The Running Challenge: Spend 25+ hours this month running: A mileage challenge just doesn’t seem fair to everyone; miles and miles and miles could be incredibly easy for some, while for others longer distances seem to be impossible, so to level the playing field a bit, I am challenging everyone to run for TIME!!!
This month’s RUNNING challenge is to spend 25+ hours running. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you go, you should challenge yourself and push when you need to. Find your happy meditative place while you are on your feet, get an audiobook or two and lose yourself while you run, or work on your form...it’s easier then you think…so put a list on your fridge and log your times for your run each day…(for those that want to do a set time everyday, it works out to about 48 minutes per day)

2)The Pull-Up Challenge: To make this a more individual oriented goal, I am issuing two types of challenges:

  • For those who can’t do a single pull-up: Your goal is to be able to do 8 pull-ups by the end of the month. There are many great articles available to build up to that first one, and after that, it gets much easier. (I am very fond of this progression of exercises found here on nerdfitness.com) YOU CAN DO IT! 
  • For those who can do pull-ups: I challenge you to do 15 more pull-ups (in a row) than you can do right now by the end of August. For example, I can do 10 (most days) before I start to hit that point I just can’t do it anymore, so my goal is a set of 25 by the end of the month…if you can only do two, your target number is 17 by August’s end, and so on and so forth….

I recommend a door way mounted pull-up bar as a great addition to any home and workout equipment collection. Mine is in the kitchen doorway, and I make myself do pull-ups each time I want to get a snack…

in my kitchen doorway, the towels on the sides are there to prevent damage to the door frame as the foam padding wore through very quickly

  • Prizes for this month’s challenge may include (but are not limited too):
  • improved cardiovascular fitness
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • better looking arms
  • improved strength
  • bragging rights

Pick one challenge, or choose to do BOTH, it’s up to you!

Leave your acceptance of one or both challenges in the comments section below.

I am currently injured and can not run.  While this makes me very sad, I plan to be back on my feet and pounding the roads and trails again by the middle of August. If I heal and I am able to run (I hope and pray), I’ll be completing the Run challenge in half of the available time!

For the purpose of this challenge, A pull-up is executed with an overhand grip, with or without the thumbs wrapping the bar. The arms need not reach full extension when travelling downward, and may remain slightly bent throughout the exercise. The lower body should remain relatively motionless, without “kipping” throughout the entirety of the set (one or two kips is forgivable) and you should not be swinging around like crazy.


When Running, ALWAYS BE SAFE, the following (in italics) is an excerpt from the San Antonio Road Runners home page, and are literally words to live by, as they may save your life!:

Running and Walking – Rules of the Road  Walkers and runners must always practice safety first when training near traffic! The first four of these are Texas laws.

  1. Please always walk/run facing oncoming traffic.
  2. Always stay on the sidewalk when one is available.
  3. If there is no sidewalk, always stay near the left side of the road in single file.
  4. Do not cross intersections opposing street lights.
  5. Always watch for traffic in all directions – vehicles are bigger and danger is ever present.
  6. Light coloured clothing is always recommended.
  7. On cloudy days or at night, wear/use reflective gear – front and back.
  8. It is recommended you run/walk with a training partner or a group.
  9. If you use an MP3 player, remember you need to be able to hear traffic, angry animals, etc.
  10. First and foremost – Safety First! It could save your life.

Stay Muddy my friends….and when you can’t get muddy, GET SWEATY!