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If I grow up, I want to be like this man…

That’s Andy “Moustache Man” Thom, and you can read more about him HERE on the Tough Mudder website…

I have been feeling rather sorry for myself lately, mostly due to my inability to do much working out. My foot is healing, and I know that I need to let it heal PROPERLY and COMPLETELY before I test it out again. This means rest…, so resting I have been.

I came across the video above at the beginning of this year, as I was considering signing up for my first Tough Mudder, and though I am still waiting to go to Austin and run it in October 2012,  training for it has led me to do a whole slew of other mud and trail runs….
I thought then,”HOLY #@$#@$#, I would have to TRAIN for a long time, just to be able to train like this guy…..”

It motivated me….that’s all I am really trying to say….

A side effect of me feeling sorry for myself: I haven’t shaved in a week! Mrs. MuddyJ has been complaining (SHE HATES FACIAL HAIR) and I looked at myself in the mirror this afternoon, barely recognizing the furry unkempt dude staring back out at me!

I was about to shave it completely, but I was listening to my workout playlist  (on shuffle, while folding laundry) when the Isley Brother’s “Keep on Doin’ ” came on….if you are confused by the laundry folding, I was putting away towels when I caught myself in the bathroom mirror….

Sometimes FATE has a hand in spur of the moment decisions….

World, meet MuddyJ (version 2 point AWESOME), with action Kung-Fu Moustache Power!

so the devil horns gang sign looks a little on the cheesy side, but hey…I am ROCKIN’ a MANLY ‘Stache

the thoughtful shot

…and I have a head full of hair……

My injured foot is continuing to heal, and feeling better everyday. I am thinking that I won’t test it until the week of the Running TRU EisenHOTTER 10k. If it feels ok, I’ll run that as planned, if not, I’ll still go to volunteer!

I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow morning to do what I can. I stayed home to rest for most of last week, since the idea of moving through the gym on crutches was VERY unappealing to me.

I will update my foot’s progress tomorrow morning, until then…

Stay Muddy my friends!