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Whether you were dreading today, or looking forward to it, today is the first day of the month of August…

Your new challenge(s) for this month await….TIME TO GET STARTED….

If you are doing both of the challenges in this month’s DOUBLE HEADER, I wish you the best of luck to complete them BOTH.

I still can’t run, do to my foot injury, but it’s getting better everyday! I can walk unassisted now, with very little limping. Enjoy this lead while you have it! I will begin the running challenge as soon as I can run! I am confident that if I am able (physically) to run by August 20th (latest date) I will be able to complete the challenge alongside all of you!

Fellow blogger “junkmile“, of Junkmilesrun.com has taken on quite a few challenges this month. In his post he lists all the challenges he is currently involved in, so go over to his site and give him some attaboys!

After checking his list out, I have decided that I will also (since I only have one race this month EisenHOTTER 10K) do the “two hundred sit-up challenge”, the “one hundred fifty dip challenge” and the “one hundred push-up challenge”… I would take on the squat challenge as well, but I don’t want to risk injury to my foot anymore.

Today I did the workouts for the push up and dip challenges, as well as some pull-ups….my arms are still a little shaky as I type this post! I’ll start the pull up workout tomorrow!

I have been looking all over for an inexpensive way to offer a quality MuddyJ.com t-shirt, but everywhere I have looked has been either too expensive for my sized order or too large a minimum order for me to consider it feasible… I also looked into other sites that let you design it, and they handle filling the orders.

I wasn’t happy with the quality of a t-shirt that I could offer through these sites…so I decided to by some screen printing equipment! Mrs MuddyJ is giving creative input, and I hope to have a small line of varying quality shirts to offer by the end of next week, from “el-cheapo” (I just bought it to give you a donation) to “hey, this is now my favorite t-shirt”

This is my first foray into t-shirts, but not graphic design…so I am confident that with a little trial and error, I will be able to offer a quality line of products!

Get up and get MOVING!!

Stay Muddy My Friends!!!