First of all, the foot is feeling much better. I have been staying off of it, and it feels better and better daily. It will now bear weight with little complaint and I have been able to walk on my tip-toes for short distances… A vast improvement over crutches and limping!!
Today I had a EUREKA moment. I have been at a bit of a dead end on designing a “MuddyJ” logo for t-shirts, and general branding overall. I was truly at a loss to figure out how to encompass myself and this blog in a logo. I was playing around with some different fonts and layouts via “inkscape” (linux) and IT FREAKING HIT ME….


So a few minutes of drawing later, I came up with the above design. I screened it onto my favorite orange hoodie, and I will post better pics tomorrow.

The plan for tomorrow is to price out QUALITY COMFORTABLE T-Shirts and come up with a new page for orders and previews! Why am I such a stickler for comfy top-end….simple, I want this to be YOUR FAVORITE T-SHIRT EVER.

Mrs. MuddyJ thinks I should lay them out with a funny slogan on the front, but I need some slogans…

till tomorrow,

Stay Muddy My Friends…