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Sunday night I tested the waters of how my injury is healing by going for a 1/2 mile run. That run was successful enough for me to try running this afternoon. (of course I ran barefoot for that run)

Today I am so HAPPY I could finally run, that my thoughts are “running” rampant, so please excuse me if this post seems a bit disordered…

I gave my foot a few days rest, and decided this morning that today was “the day”… I am 10 days away from the EisenHOTTER 10k, and while I know I am not going to win it, I would like to finish near the middle of the pack… I need to get at least a few training runs in before then!

I decided that I would go super-easy, no matter how I felt about it, I didn’t want it to feel like work! I decided to leave my chest strap at home, but I did finally get to strap on and try out my NEWEST TOY …. An 8gb MotoACTV! Thanks Mrs MuddyJ! I love this thing!

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the MotoACTV is what happens when Garmins and iPod Nanos make babies… it’s a fitness tracker/gps/mp3 player that either straps to your wrist as a watch, mounts on your bike, or clips onto….whatever you want to clip it onto.
I’ll be doing a full review on it soon, I want to test it out more…

And for you geeks (like me) out there…it’s powered by android “honeycomb”…you can “root” it and use it as the world’s tiniest tablet! Yes I tried this, and while it was an awesome novelty, I decided that I am going to use it primarily for it’s ACTUAL INTENDED PURPOSE….. I already have a 10″ android tablet (Asus Transformer) as well as a Samsung Galaxy SII, so I don’t REALLY need a 1.5 “wristlet” to play “Angry Birds” on….but a wrist mounted GPS/mp3 player…GAME ON!

I was woken by Mrs MuddyJ early this morning…she had to go to work, and to do so, she required me to lift the garage door…. Mrs MuddyJ is no weakling, but last night we were sitting together in our living room watching our recordings of the Olympic games, when suddenly we heard an unbelievably LOUD BANG! We exchanged looks of horror, thinking that perhaps someone had hit our house with a car, or kicked in our garage door…I grabbed my pepper spray and headed into the garage to check it out…All of our worst fears were unfounded, as I quickly discovered the source of the noise was made by the assisting spring on our garage door snapping….for no particular reason whatsoever!


Not only are they heavy, but it has to be lifted evenly, so two people lifting it…is out of the question. Absolutely out of the question, as any deviation from side to side locks it in place on the tracks….

I muscled that open this morning, first thing (yes I am bragging) and after a small breakfast, I went to a doctor’s appointment… I had an early lunch at a little vegan cafe on Broadway known as “Vegeria” …a vegan spin on a word those from San Antonio (and many other places) encounter frequently…Taqueria…I have been toying with the idea of a vegetarian diet for quite some time, and since the Thing’s Three are out of town for the week visiting relatives, this week has been a great time to try it out! (I am loving it!)
Even if you aren’t vegan, the fare at this unique and charming little cafe is well worth going without meat for a meal!

I ran around a little bit more, and when I finally got home, my foot (and my head) were telling me that, without a doubt, it was time to take a test run…

I pulled on my running shorts, my orange head band, and my ZEM’s and headed out into the mid-afternoon heat…

Almost immediately my unused calf muscles were telling me they didn’t want to run anymore, and my foot started to hurt just a little…. by the time I made it to the end of my street though, they had both quieted enough that I decided to continue on. I wound up doing just over a mile (1.31) in 16 minutes, nothing to write home about really, but it felt good anyway…

I spent most of the run playing with my MotoACTV, and checking my form to make sure I was running correctly. It goes without much thought that running with poor form after an injury is commonplace, and I want to avoid the “cascading” injury effect (nursing one injury, which causes another, and so on….)

The heat from the pavement turned out to be the “chink in the armor” of my ZEM’s, but I don’t think any of my minimalist shoes would have done much in the face of asphalt surfaces, at noon, during the summer, in  Texas…
I think I will take it easy tomorrow, and try a trail run on Friday morning…I’ll keep you posted!

BTW, this puts me a whole 21 minutes into this month’s running challenge!

My foot is a little tender, but nowhere near as bad as it was a few long weeks ago…so hopefully the mending trend continues…

Stay Muddy My Friends!