I have been easing back into running (with shoes on ….yuck!) the last few days. Last night, I managed to get a 45 minute run in! My foot is still a little tender, but feels much better overall, except for the blisters I now have because my feet are not used to shoes anymore!I did some chores this morning, and then hit the gym for an upper body circuit, and to let them know I am still alive. (I haven’t been to the gym since I injured my foot a few weeks ago.

I walked to the gym as a warm up, doing some joint rotations on the way. Upon getting to the gym, I hit the dumb bells for a circuit, using lighter weights to ease back into working out again now that I feel healed somewhat.

  • Dumb Bells (as circuit x5)
  • Shrugs (25 x 30 lbs each hand)
  • Tricep Kick Backs (15×15 lbs each side)
  • Bicep Curl to Military Press (slow & smooth,10 x 20 lbs each hand)
  • Bent over Row (15 x 30lbs each hand)

I added 10 lbs to each exercise for the third circuit, then went back to the original weights for the fourth and fifth.

After five rounds of that circuit, I was feeling good, so I did two rounds of 8 pull-ups and 10 dips.

I started to get on the treadmill, but decided to head outside since the weather seemed so nice!

I left the gym, and by the time I got halfway across the parking lot, I felt the blisters that formed on last night’s run getting angry…so I shucked the shoes….sooo much better….. I did the 1/2 mile to my house nice and slow, and stopped in to pick up my KSO’s. After sliding into them, I was back out on the pavement for a nice easy peasy run…

I ran on the side-walk next to the major road near my home, and headed towards the loading docks of the nearest “big box” retail outlet, planning to do some wall climbs and simple vaults…. I managed to get in a few vaults, but after my first climb, the blisters that started in my running sneakers started getting angry, even in my Vibrams…so I took my body’s hint and headed for home. I had to slow WAY down on the way back because of them, and as the pain worsened, I was only granted relief when I shucked my Vibrams completely! My feet are rebelling against imprisonment by causing me great pain when shod, I just can’t win!

All whining aside though, I am happy to be running again, no matter how slowly! As long as I can train a little, I’ll be able to get ready for the upcoming EisenHOTTER 10K. It’s been a while since “just finishing” a 10k was a goal, but I’ll take it!

For dinner last night, I convinced Mrs MuddyJ to try a vegetarian restaurant here in San Antonio. I had tried to get her to try “Vegeria“, (which I wrote a bit about here) but a full on Vegan menu is too alien for her…baby steps….

BTW: I liked Vegeria so much that I went back for lunch yesterday too…

I did convince her to try a vegetarian restaurant though, so it was off to the downtown location of “Green” . The restaurant was easy to get to, being just a few turns off Route 35,  AND PACKED. Parking was easy to find though, and we went inside, noticing  (and appreciating) a rainwater reclamation setup hooked into the buildings gutters.

After entering to the bustling, eccentrically decorated interior, we were seated quickly by a friendly waitress that smiled big, was covered in tattoos, and had a decidedly “hipster” look about her. A brief explanation was given about how meals can easily be made Vegan, for a small charge, by substituting just a few ingredients here and there. I decided to have their unsweetened Pomegranate Green Tea (iced) and Mrs MuddyJ had the fresh lemonade. We both agreed our beverages were delicious.

After a few minutes of browsing the menu, we decided to try the:

  • Buffalo Fingers – Breaded and fried tofu in buffalo sauce
  • Mediterranean Bowl – Quinoa tabouli, baba ganoosh, tzatziki, black olives, falafel patties, cucumbers, tomato, carrots, dolmas, and raw pecan hummus. Served in a whole wheat tortilla.
  • Falafel Plate – Chickpea falafel patties. Served with spinach, tomato, vegan tzatziki sauce, quinoa and kale
  • (descriptions were copied directly from the restaurant’s website)

The food was great, and the portions were large, but not belly busters, and we left with a few bio-degradable to-go containers. Mrs MuddyJ, who, coincidentally, UNIVERSALLY  DESPISES TOFU actually enjoyed the buffalo fingers! My only complaint about our entire experience WOULD BE the $0.50/ea charge for the to-go containers.

You should eat here, even if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan!

I am doing well with my vegetarian experiment this week, and  have decided to continue a vegetarian diet, leaning towards vegan whenever possible. I have decided upon this diet for health reasons, after researching the diet of many of the world’s best endurance athletes and ultra-runner’s… besides, I like my veggies!

I plan on taking it easy this weekend, maybe a few more really slow easy runs to build my foot and calves back up, but other than having to slow (way) down, I feel like I am back in the saddle again!

Stay Muddy My Friends!