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I am still not speedy, but I am doing better with every run!

I managed a slow hour-long run last night, at a distance of 5.29 miles. I set out to keep my heart rate below 140, but my music pumped me up after the first mile and I decided to throw in some muscle for three miles, then I slowed back down for that final mile, well sorta… The foot felt good….well sorta… I unfortunately also managed to discover a chink in the armor of my ZEM Terras: a “hotspot” has developed on my arch, and that hotspot turned into a fairly sizeable blister. I don’t know if this may have started during last week when I did a few runs in “traditional shoes” and developed a few blisters…I will keep you posted!

I was awakened this fine morning by a sound I can only define as horrific! Mrs MuddyJ was screeching my name from the shower in our master bath…. I don’t know all of the details as to why, but our water went out in the middle of her shower! Thankfully this didn’t happen to her mid-shampoo…

I got the Thing’s Three up and dressed. Had them brush their teeth with bottled water, and took them out to Denny’s for breakfast.

They had pancakes and eggs, while I had….Oatmeal… with dried cranberries…. I was a little jealous of their food. While we were all eating, I called my gym to see if they still had water, mostly so I would be able to shower, because with no idea how long the water might be out, I figured a plan B was in order! The gym was unaffected, so I decided to hit it up after our breakfast for a “light”workout…

  • Warmup:
  • Walk around the Basketball court
  • Joint rotations
  • TRX: (as circuit x2)
  • Dead-hang pull-ups (no kipping) x 5
  • TRX Push-up (hands in straps) x25
  • TRX Row x 20
  • One armed Oblique pulls x 10 (per side)
  • Sit-ups on a balance ball x 30
  • Dumb Bells (as circuit x2)
  • Shoulder shrugs (x 25 x 50lbs each hand)
  • Bicep Curl to military press (x 10 x 25 lbs each hand) (clean and slow)
  • Tricep Kick back (x 20 x 15lbs each side )
  • Bent over row (x 25 x 25 lbs each hand)
  • Dumb Bell Side Dips (x 15 x 50 lbs each side)

I decided to try my luck and hit the treadmill, so I did an hour paying attention to nothing but my heart rate and the incline. While reading “Born to Run” I recalled that the author’s trainer had him running lots of hills to improve his bio-mechanics. That little blurb inspired me to do an hour at a constant incline, usually between 3 and 5. I kept my heart rate down below 145 until the final 10 minutes, when I decided to do some sprints… My foot felt fine until I attempted the speed work… the slapping made it feel a little tender… all in all I ran 5.73 miles at a constant incline with an AVERAGE heart rate of 146, maxing it @ 172bpm during my sprints. This information was logged by my MotoACTV, and I didn’t check it against the treadmills read out. I am almost certain the actual distance was less, but since the MotoACTV counts your step rate indoors, I am feeling good about that run translate into good mechanics outdoors… so I will let the distance stick!
For this month’s challenges, I am up to

  • Run: 03hrs, 43min 20sec (cumulative run time)
  • 13 consecutive pull-ups (+3)

I have slacked on the other challenges (push-ups, dips and sit-ups) to nurse my foot, and I will start them next month!

I am feeling better about this weekend’s race, I now know that I can run the distances I plan on running!

Stay Muddy My Friends!