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Hello faithful readers! I have been VERY busy lately with this crazy thing called “life”, and as a sad result, this site has been neglected…can’t say it won’t happen again either…just be glad I am back for a few minutes!

My ankle is healing, as slowly as ankles heal, and I have been managing some 10-25 minute runs here and there, as well as running in the pool, and dragging out my “thing-friendly bicycle” for after-school pick-up of Thing #2 and Thing #3!

-Thing-friendly Muddy J powered conveyance

Last night, Mrs MuddyJ and I decided to have a little special time with the kids, so we with with “divide and conquer” ….the girls stayed home with mommy for “girls night in” and Thing #2 and I went to the SARR Weds Night Zoo Run. The girls had a blast, having a picnic and such in the living-room while watching “girly” movies…better Mom than me!

I daresay though, that Thing#2 and I had the most fun we have ever had on a “boys night out” …..well maybe not as much fun as the Spartan Jr., but we did manage a 2 mile run… in our “J”uaraches!

You get your toe-nails painted when you have two sisters…..even though you are a boy!

My ankle held up well for the run, and Thing#2 did a great job…running all but the last 50 meters. When we made the second to last turn on the course, he grabbed his side as a “runner’s stitch” hit him, so I put him on my shoulders until the final turn, set him down, and we ran the rest of the way in. Then we HIT the water coolers and as we re-hydrated and shared a packet of sport beans,everyone fawned over “the little barefoot running kid”. I realize I am a blessed individual, as one of the biggest problems in my life is how aware of their over-whelming cuteness my children are.

After a quick meal at Denny’s (for his and my favorite vice, whole wheat pancakes) we headed home to get ready for bed. This morning, I got the shock of my life when he came slowly down the stairs, legs a bit sore, and announced that he wanted to do it again next week! I wonder how old you have to be to run “Badwater”….

Speaking of “J”uaraches…. (time for some self promotion)….

I have had so many questions about my huaraches, ( I wear them everywhere) thatI have started making them (for a nominal fee). Though I am always happy to explain the nuances of making your own, I keep getting asked “could you make me a pair” or “do you sell them” … So I made a new page, explaining how to trace your foot and place an order with me! Mrs MuddyJ was kind enough to allow me to use her pretty and well-pedicured feet, so you are spared the horrors of seeing my oh-so-punished toes…

-yes, those are leather soles…

I am quickly running out of morning time, so I have to leave here and hit the gym…and hopefully go for a short run…

Be sure to relax before all those long weekend runs you have coming up! Maybe with a glass of wine and a good book?

….Like I would drink anything other than “barefoot” wine….

-Yes, I have “Born to Run” on my watch….the whole book, along with several hundred others…HOO-RAY ANDROID!!!!

Stay Muddy My Friends!!!