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I haven’t posted in a while, seems like life keeps getting in the way of….life…. oh well, I will make it up here!

Go get a coffee, this might be a long one!

First on the list…. My MotoACTV Fitness watch, a gift from Mrs MuddyJ, turned into an expensive paper weight….EPIC FAILURE… I was at the SARR Whine Run 5-Miler working a water stop on Labor Day, and I must’ve gotten it too wet…damn thing went into a boot-loop, then started smelling funny cause it overheated… I loved it when it worked, but I guess I should’ve gotten a Garmin.….

The Whine Run on Labor Day was an awesome event to volunteer for. Thing #2 and I handed out ice water soaked sponges to runners as they passed, which made us instant heroes! The event was HUGE, attracting over 1500 runners in all (so I am told, and I believed it!) The course, which I only got to drive down this time, seemed a very challenging hill laden hell… and I spotted another BAREFOOT runner. (Of course I cheered for the bare-footer) Next year I’ll definitely be running this one!

-There was never wine in it… he was just REALLY sleepy!

Sorry this one got pushed down to third place, but I am a bit scatter-brained and hurried as I am writing this:

How did you do last month on the fitness challenges? I haven’t even thought about issuing another set of challenges yet, mostly because I failed to attempt ANY of them myself for August. I decided that, with a Tough Mudder, a full Marathon, and a Spartan Beast coming in the next three months, I needed to rehab my injuries more than I needed to push myself to my limits…these events are sure to kick my ass for me! With that said, I would STILL love to hear how YOU DID!

Now for the long one… my latest project…. a DIY Rickshaw for up to 2 Thing’s at a time!

It started life as a 2 seat bicycle trailer…

I was browsing facebook last week, and happened upon some photos of  Barefoot Ted pulling someone around in a rickshaw. Earlier that day, I took the photo above when I went to pick up Thing’s #2 & #3 from pre-k on my bicycle. It clicked instantly in my mind: I don’t like cycling so much as I like running, but I hate pushing a stroller…. a rickshaw could be the answer! Thank you for the inspiration El Mono!

I quickly made a prototype proof-of-concept to try it out by using zip-ties to attach a pair of 1×2 fir strips to the sides of our  In-Step Bicycle trailer… just to see if it was feasible… and IT WAS!Not only was it feasible, but it proved to be a very comfortable and almost effortless way to run with not just one, but two children packed into the back. It was time to make a nice and  fully-functioning model.

I drew up a material list in my head for some hardware and headed off to Home Depot for it:

I cut the conduit down so that it only sticks out about six inches past the original edge of the bicycle trailer, and used the U-bolts to attach them to the top of the frame (2 per rail). This bicycle trailer used square-stock metal for the frame, so using the u-bolts to attach the conduit worked particularly well. In doing this, I also managed to retain the original functionality of the trailer.

In order to make it portable, I added set screw connectors to the conduit pipes, effectively making it a sectional handle. Currently it requires a screwdriver for assembly and dis-assembly, but I plan on getting some wing-bolts to make it a tool-free job.

I cut the handles down to a manageable (and transportable) length, and as a after-thought, added some elbows to the ends to make it look more like a handle.

The strap goes around my waist and over my shoulders, resting on the back of my neck…this frees my hands/arms for more efficient running- TAKE THAT JOGGING STROLLERS!

I plan on:

  • finishing the handles off with a paint-job
  • leather wrapping for the hand-grips
  • rubber stoppers on the ends of the elbows
  • using and old model LBE for the straps, or simply cutting the straps off of an old back-pack to make more comfy straps
  • adding a small wheel or skid to the front that will act as a safety to prevent flipping in the event a handle snaps off

Here’s some more photos detailing a complete transport to re-assembly. Bear in mind that this started life as a very transportable bicycle trailer. All I did was conceive the project to modify it into a functional rickshaw.

Worth Mentioning: I took this out for a test run tonight (in my Juaraches) at the SARR Wednesday Night Zoo Run…since I have Three Thing’s and it only seats two at a time, I kept one of them in running rotation the entire time….but Thing #3, (who doesn’t like to run) fell asleep in it after a quarter mile…so that answers the rider comfort questions I may have had….

completely dis-assembled in the back of our small SUV,

laid out on the floor to show the pieces, the wheels were always detachable from the flat folding trailer

with the sides popped up and locked into place/ the added handles are visible here.

with the detachable wheels on and locked in, a very easy procedure, you can also see the original trailer arm…. this is still functional with these mods as the bicycle trailer is was originally intended for use as

attaching the handles with a screwdriver. I plan on adding Wing-bolts to make this a tool free tear-down 

and there you have it!

sleek and comfy to use…

I promise that I will try to post more frequently in the future, but until then…

Stay Muddy My Friends!