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The weather here lately has been nothing short of amazing… I have been taking advantage of this, coupling it with my ability to run again (mostly healed, still a little sore) and I have been running like a MADMAN! (avg between 4-12 miles a day)

I haven’t been posting lately, BUT I HAVE kept very busy!

I made a “traditional” pair of Huaraches from a discarded tire and a leather strap:

-I had to peel the steel belts out of the back (inside) of the tire

This took about a week or so, working on them for about 15 minutes at a time. It started when I picked up a blown tire in the middle of the highway (it was blocking the lane) and decided to try and accomplish this…. took a little trial and error (more error than trial)..but I finally got it right and took them out for a 2.5 mile run last night…THEY FELT GREAT! I really like this pair, probably because they are very “gladiator’ or ‘spartan’ looking… they’re also tough!

I also got new lacing material for my leather Juaraches! It’s elastic shock cord, a bit thicker than I was previously using (+1) and is highly REFLECTIVE! (+1000) see the pictures below for HOW reflective.

As you can see, the power of my Juaraches cannot be restrained, and it must light up as such or your feet will explode from sheer barefoot running potential! (NOT REALLY, it just lights up really well from a camera flash)

Since I run often at night, I figured the reflective material would make a nice addition, and it has totally exceeded my initial expectations.

The “Thing-Shaw” is almost 100% complete. I have made it into a “tool-less” assembly/dis-assembly, and added a pair of LBE suspenders to “shoulder” the load for me… here’s some pics:

no tools required to assemble

under my armpit

Pretty cool huh?! I am VERY proud of it…. Mrs. MuddyJ and I are thinking of dressing two of our Things up as reindeer and having them ride in it when I run the Upcoming Santa Antonio 5k in December. Santa pulling the reindeer…..makes me smile to think about it.

Other than that, I have just been RUNNING… not very fast, just very far…and of course…BAREFOOT…

Two days ago, while on a barefoot trail run, I managed to slap a deer on the rump as I ran past! It happened very quickly… I was watching the deer in case I had to dodge as I was padding barefoot down the trail flat out for a stretch….I kept thinking “it’s gonna take off…” then I thought “HEY! I am REALLY CLOSE…I can probably touch it” then, I stopped thinking and smacked it on the butt as I ran by, it jumped straight up into the air almost AFTER contact was made… I was three strides away already, and moving quickly, by the time it touched back down to earth!In another era, That deer would have wound up as my DINNER!

I have made a habit of stopping on trail runs (briefly) to take pictures for sharing with all of you:

I won’t lie…this trail hurt a little bit to run barefoot

finishing strong! Muddy Feet and a Venti Pumpkin Spice (soy)

Stay Muddy My Friends!