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One of my readers just asked me via comments:

….“Breathing”. Do you have any tips or tricks to breathing, I tend to huff more then breath. I am not gasping in fact feel good, I think people I run past think I am running in terror as they also look back the way I came hehe. I was hoping there is a technique to control it?

To answer this takes more space than available in the comment reply section, and maybe some other can benefit!

First, a few quick questions:

Do you have any physical deformities that hinder your ability to breathe normally? This could be why you’re making so much noise! (not saying you need to be Quasimodo, but a septal deviation, that sort of issue)

Are you running too fast for your current level of fitness? If so, slow down a bit…if you feel good, don’t run faster, RUN LONGER… the speed will pick up as your cardio-vascular system improves.

Personally, I run my really long runs at a pace where I can talk on the phone while running (or to the person next to me, but good luck finding someone to run for 3 hours or longer!) I don’t push it until the final few miles, and then my pace turns to I-can-talk-but-it’s-a-pain-in-the-ass…which finally becomes “CAN’T TALK MUST RUN.”

I found this website a while back and I swear by the results I have gotten training with a heart monitor. (http://www.marathon-training-schedule.com/heart-rate-training.html)

It could also be useful to develop a cadence to your breathing while running…left …right left right left right exhale right left right inhale….(crappy example, but you get the point I hope)

Your diaphragm wants to be relaxed, and when it is relaxed, your inhaling! Forceful exhaling and a gradual more natural inhale could also be the trick!

I haven’t thought much about this since I slowed down to run at target heart rates…when I pick up now, my breathing comes more naturally….

I hope some of this helps!

Stay Muddy My Friend!