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The days (okay….weeks) between now and the last time I wrote have been filled with great weather…. and recently, illness. Don’t worry folks…it’s not serious! Thing #1 came home from school complaining of a sore throat, and based upon a quick examination, I would have sworn it was streptococcus. We quickly made a doctor’s appointment, and that was that.

The Doctor examined her, agreed with my amateur diagnosis, and swabbed a culture. That culture later turned out not to be strep, but something entirely different, possibly viral, that would be treated the same way…no biggie….

Thing #2 was the next to fall ill, as of yesterday, and Thing #3 has shown minor symptoms…as well as myself….grrrrrrr…..like I have the downtime to be sick….

Onto to happy stuff though, I am certain we will all be fine! (Just praying Mrs MuddyJ doesn’t get it too!)

Last week I got sick of looking at my broken MotoACTV in pieces on my desk, so I trolled through the annals of Ebay.com to see if anyone was selling a broken one (that had different broken peices) …I really only needed to have one part to make a whole and working MotoACTV, or so I thought….

I won an auction for one with a broken screen, that looked like it had been stepped on. It came in the mail within a few days. I opened it up, popped off the screen, popped my working screen in, and lo’ and behold, FrankenACTV:

For those among you that noticed, NO, that is not the stock look of the MotoACTV. FrankenACTV is rooted and running DPRom, which essentially turns it into a wrist based Android Tablet! (cause I’m a super geek, super geek, I’m super geeky!)

It still functions as originally intended, I just managed to gain root access, install a custom rom (that has more function than the original MotoACTV rom) and Go Launcher EX. It still tracks my runs via GPS, monitors my HR (via a BlueTooth Wahoo Chest Strap), counts my steps during the day when worn, and all the other things it originally did…

…as well as:

GAMES! ( I use a modded PS3 controller to play them…)

The Coolest Calculator watch ever created….

An e-Book Reader….

There’s more, angry birds, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Even phone calls and such with the right apps…gotta LOVE ANDROID…SCREW YOU (CR)APPLE!

The metrics it tracks are on par with every other device out there… the only drawback is battery life, you can’t connect a bunch of peripherals via Bluetooth and have the battery last a marathon run, it’s only good for about 2.5 hours of constant tracking, playing music etc…. and it doesn’t cost too much… it is kinda fragile for a fitness device…

I have 9 days until the Tough Mudder Austin! I am ready and PUMPED! AND I WON”T BE WEARING MY MOTOACTV DURING THE EVENT!

screen shot of the motoACTV Portal… I download the workout info and run it through http://dev.zinu.co.uk/MotoActv/ to convert it to a format Endomondo like though….I am a geek

I also joined two other social networks, Tribesports.com, and SlimKicker.com. Both are self-reporting self-challenging networks, with Tribesports being more social (like facebook for athletes, with out all the “i-drank-so-much-last-night-and-my-life-is-all-drama” crap), and SlimKicker being more inspirational and encouraging you to get out there and do stuff!

SlimKicker.com’s premise is VERY attractive to my geek nature…it turn’s fitness into an RPG (role playing game for you non-geeks) You accept challenges, get points, level up, unlock greater challenges….and I hear that they may be coming out with something similar to the fit-bit! How COOL! I will have to write more about these great sites at another time, but I am running out of time for this at the moment…. nap-time is OVER!!!

Stay Muddy My Friends!