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I made a pair of huaraches similar to these for my brother, who lives far away from me, … he needed to know how to lace them….I decided to share this publicly, so that anyone may benefit from it!

The pair featured in the video have proven incredibly tough… I was driving along the highway and swerving cars in front of me alerted me to an obstruction in the road..it was a blown tire…doing my civic duty, I stopped and picked it up, removing the hazard from the road…. Earlier that day I had seen a picture of some rather famous Tarahumara feet on Barefoot Ted’s Facebook page, and that led me to try and make a more “traditional” Pair of Huaraches….. full details of them are: https://muddyj.com/2012/09/19/noshoesnoproblem/

I adapted a technique from invisibleshoes.com to deal with the flatness and thickness of the leather….I don’t know if this is how the Tarahumara do it, it just feels good to me!


Stay Muddy My Friends!