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I took most of the last week off to recover from the Austin Tough Mudder. In that week, I am so sad to say, I totally went on a backslide and (re)gained some (unhealthy) weight!


Ok, whining complete…now what to do about it…

As of this morning I am back on a low/no carb diet. I have used this simple diet plan before to cut fat/keep muscle and had good results. I has usually been easy to maintain my target weight once I have reached it. I merely gained weight back recently because I went WAY off the reservation! (CURSE YOU WHATABURGER AND YOUR MARVELOUS DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER! AND YOU TOO DENNY’S FOR THE RECENT BUILD YOUR OWN CHEESEBURGER PROMO!!!! CURSE YOU ALL!!!)

For those wondering, here’s the diet:

  • Breakfast: (4) hard boiled eggs/ whites only, NO YOLK
  • Lunch: (1) Grilled Chicken Breast, large serving of fresh veggies
  • Dinner: (1) Grilled Chicken Breast, large serving of fresh veggies

For hunger between meals, I eat apples to manage cravings, and drink only Black Coffee(no sugar), Green Tea (no sugar), Unsweetened black tea, and (of course) WATER. Some dried fruits and whole almonds to break up the monotony as well!

My target is to get down to 160-165 in time for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. With a little discipline, I am sure to make it!!

And let us not forget the Gladiator Rock ‘n Run is coming back…. I am registered for the first wave…of course!!!

Be sure to sign up soon! Don’t forget to use the code “GLADIATORJASON” to get $6 off your registraton!

Stay Muddy My Friends!