This past Sunday (Domingo) I ran my very first (organized) Full-Marathon. I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting on things I have learned, so in no particular order what-so-ever:

Lessons I Learned Running The San Antonio Rock’n Roll Marathon:

  • Runners REALLY don’t take well to being passed by a smiling guy with no shoes on.
  • 26.2 miles is a really long distance.
  • The best plan is the one you can improvise when your first plan doesn’t work out.
  • Don’t ever tell a teenager with a garden hose to “hit me” : smart-ass kid trained the hose on me the whole time I was passing him and soaked me from head to toe.
  • When attending an event that’s expecting 30,000 other runners, bring toilet paper.
  • “Hitting the WALL” sucks – so does getting over it…
  • …The other side of the wall, however, is AWESOME once over it.
  • There are no tricks, only good training.
  • My quads are fully capable of full fledged rebellion.
  • If you run barefoot, you keep your toe nails.
  • Carb BOOM gels are kinda tasty after your 10th mile
  • Underestimating yourself gets you stuck in Corral #20…which means you have to pass a lot of people who estimated they would “walk” the half in 01:25:00 …
  • Never pass a speed walker closely….their elbows are lethal
  • “Keep Right, Pass Left” no longer applies it seems

I am certain I will figure out more lessons in the future!