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  • Quick Glance:
  • Host: B.I.S.H Foundation
  • Shoes: Barefoot
  • Venue:Sunset Station
  • Would I Run It Again: Yes!
  • Muddy Toes Rating: No mud…but definitely still a great event!

First, a bit about the race organizer: (from their website)

The B.I.S.H. Foundation is dedicated to generating and providing resources necessary for organizations who conduct research needed in finding a cure for, preventing, eliminating and the treatment of cancer.  Our mission also encompasses assisting cancer patients in need, and helping educate the community about cancer.

And now, The Review:

A while back, before the summer heat had even hit full swing, I volunteered to help out at the SARR Women’s 5k. It was there that I was introduced to the “Santa Antonio 5k” …they had a table set-up, as well as a demo of the Santa Suit that was to be included with the event registration.

I took a flyer home and told Mrs MuddyJ about it, and her immediate reply was “you should sign up, the kids will LOVE it!”

I signed up online, and went about training for the Austin Tough Mudder and The San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon...I figured I really couldn’t train to compete in a 5k (I am just NOT that fast) so I would do something that would be really fun for this event!

REALLY FUN= dress the “Thing-shaw” up like it’s Santa’s Sleigh and put two Things in it dressed as reindeer!

486986_4400350058275_262287131_n61481_4400339298006_1249881004_nA trip to Hobby Lobby for some crafty supplies, and the transformation was accomplished in the space of a few hours….then a trip to Target to get “antlers” and some “reindeer-ish” clothing…and we were set to go! (I could go into great detail about the construction of the Santa Sleigh, but I’ll save THAT for another post.)

Packet pick-up was arranged and held @ Run Wild Sports, a small but well-stocked runner’s paradise that I will have to return to in the near future. I had a little trouble finding it though, but that was only because I was paying more attention to my GPS then my surroundings…I passed it 4 times while I was looking to the other side of the street…major FAIL on my part, not theirs, but hey, it happens… ( I always admit when something is my fault)

The packet pick-up was well staffed with a friendly crew of volunteers…who seemed to all know me! As I walked in the door with Thing #2 and Thing #3 they kinda pointed and said “aren’t you the guy from the SARR Wednesday night runs with that complicated cart thingy” (or something like that) Of course I replied to the positive, and and struck up a conversation, mentioning my plan to pull the twins  reindeer behind me and making certain there would be no steps/stairs/pits/ditches or otherwise impassable areas (to me with the rickshaw) along the course.

They had various sizes of the Santa Suit on-hand to try out, and I am certainly glad that I did…the large was REALLY tight across my shoulders and back, so I went up one size to an XL…I would have felt REALLY bad if it had been too tight across my belly, but that wasn’t the case!

of course, I had to go straight home and try it on/send picture messages to to most of my friends...

of course, I had to go straight home and try it on/send picture messages to to most of my friends…

ZZ Top ain't got nothing on me!

ZZ Top ain’t got nothing on me!

Preparation is always the key factor when attempting to move my family unit over any distance in a timely manner, so that evening I loaded the car up, got the costumes ready, and did all the fretting I could think of doing beforehand.

Due to the preparations the night before, our race morning went smoothly. All of us got dressed and out the door, having no problems with available time, we stopped to pick up some of the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio at Benny’s. Benny’s was a little on the busy side, and it took just a few minutes longer then I would have liked, but we made it downtown and found parking with about 15-20 minutes left before the start was supposed to happen…

I assembled the Sleigh-shaw and walked it down to the street while Mrs MuddyJ took the Thing’s Three down in the elevator…that got some funny looks!

With close to 3 blocks left to travel to the starting line, I loaded Thing #2 and Thing #3 into the Sleigh, and headed off at a near-trot to pick-up my chip-timer… Gotta love those shoe mounted timing chips…I knew this coming in so I wore my RoadID Ankle Strap, I haven’t tried yet, but I think it would REALLY hurt to attempt the attachment of a timing device to my bare foot!

Timing chip attached, I headed towards the starting corral as the first few strains of The National Anthem began to waft along the breeze…I doffed my Santa hat and faced the flag…as the last few notes faded into the breeze, police sirens began to sound and the race was on!

My ONLY true complaint about this event was the starting corral…it was just TOO tight, and it seemed like it took me almost 2 full minutes to walk from the back of the starting area to cross the finish line. (I joined the very back of the pack to avoid causing issues with the size of the Sleigh-shaw)

We finally crossed the start and I got enough space to start running…and there was Mrs. MuddyJ with Thing #1 to cheer and take pictures as we headed out into the fray!

And we're off

And we’re off

Time of his life!

Time of his life!

the bumper stickers of Santa!

the bumper stickers of Santa!

Thing #2 and Thing #3 hooted and hollered Merry Christmas as we passed other runners…many words of encouragement were offered, as well as statements of disbelief and awe…

The course started out simply enough…with little or no elevation changes apparent, but as it wore on, it seemed to go uphill more often than not…and with 100 pounds of running trailer attached to me, the slightest grade headed uphill was felt- in spades!

I had worn my usual Day-Glo Orange Recon Wrap underneath my Santa hat, with the idea that it would keep the inevitable sweat from running into my eyes, but after the first mile, it became apparent that:

2 hats + Running Trailer + Santa Suit + 75 degree day = Melting MuddyJ

In an effort to keep a little cooler, I doffed my trusty recon wrap, and wound it around the handle of the rickshaw…ahhh a little cooler…

I continued on, setting my self to the task of tackling a rather large up-hill…and another uphill…seriously, it seemed as if the first 2/3rds of this course were a continous and torturous uphill battle, broken only by the occasional flat portion and very quick descent…kudos to those who laid out the course for making it a challenge!

I hit the water point at the halfway mark, right before tackling a huge pedestrian bridge (I can’t find the name of it, nor can I remember it, but I WILL find it and update this article in the near future)

With the first half of the course done, the elevation seemed to level out, with any and all shifts becoming a much more gradual process then the gruelling 1st half. (ok the elevation shifts probably weren’t that bad…if I hadn’t been hauling a trailer, but I was so they sucked!) I finally managed to settle into a pace!

The constant pace also meant that my sweat was coming at a pace now, and my eyes began to sting a little as it ran down my forehead… I reached down to the handle of the Sleigh-shaw to retrieve my head wrap and disaster struck! IT WAS GONE!

It may seem silly to have this small loss upset me as much it has, but that orange head wrap has seen me through a dozen or so races, trail runs, obstacle courses,….hell I even did a Tough Mudder, and a Full Marathon with it on…guess I’ll just have to wear my TM headband from here on out…at least I will get one or two more of those in April!

I set my mind to the task of finishing and started upping my pace for the final mile, and soon I could hear the crowds cheering runners as they passed the finish line. As soon as I made the final turn into the two block long straight that was the finish, I heard an all-too-familiar and EXTREMELY WELCOME sound….


From a block away, Thing #1’s litle voice rang out loud and clear…spurring me onto the finish…I looked back and Thing#3 was cheering as well…as for Thing #2- well, he can SLEEP through anything, and the gentle (?) rocking of the rickshaw had lulled him to sleep. I ran as fast as my tired little abused feet could carry me across the finish line, Gun Time, 40:05…bad for a 5k, but not too bad for a 5k hauling a trailer.

Making the final approach, trying to find that final sprint..

Making the final approach, trying to find that final sprint..

...and I found it...

…and I found it…

Crossing the finish line... (Photo taken by IAAPweb.com

Crossing the finish line… (Photo taken by IAAP)     Link HERE

After crossing the finish line, I lifted my pant-leg to allow a volunteer to cut the timing device from my shoe, and headed off in search of water….people all around were giving me the thumbs up for having run with the trailer.

A very nice woman was taking pictures at the finish and caught the pictures below as I finished, and promptly asked me if I would like her to email them to me…which she did right then and there!


We took some posed shots, and I grabbed a well earned beer at the after race shin-dig….

Thing #2 had just woken up, so he wasn't too happy, but I'll take four out of five!

Thing #2 had just woken up, so he wasn’t too happy, but I’ll take four out of five!

A few slices of pizza/some cookies/orange juice/ some bananas into the family and we were ready to pack it up and call it a day…. I was spent…

See you next year....can anyone else hear the "walking away music " from the Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk ?

See you next year….can anyone else hear the “walking away music ” from the Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk ?

Muddy Christmas to all, and to all a good run!

Stay Muddy My Friends!!!

Santa Antonio 5k 102