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Well, as I catch a few minutes here and there to catch up on the writers I follow, there seems to be a theme for almost everyone’s posts this week, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

November 2011, note the giant belly and jowls...

November 2011, note the giant belly and jowls…

I started 2012 as a couch potato. A 40 pound overweight, “mildly obese” (my doctor’s words, not mine) couch potato with a 27% BMI….You all know the rest of the story, so I won’t re-write what has already been told before. As I dive headfirst into 2013, I am a much fitter and happier version of the man I was at this very moment last year: Yes I am still dealing with PTSD, a severe anxiety disorder and bouts of manic depression, but I try to take each day as it comes and make lot’s of lemonade….and my BMI is 17% and dropping. ( I still have a spare tire I am trying to lose, so as I am heading into the New Year, I am focusing on nutrition and lean muscle building.)

I am a bit sad to see 2012 pass. I have accomplished so much in the short span of 12 months. I am proud that I turned my sedentary life around, forsaking the comfort of my couch and slowly but surely turning myself into an athlete.

I look back into the last 12 months and just the numbers boggle me: I have RUN in at least 15 races, logged somewhere around 2200 miles running…I think this is my 75th posting!

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments! You are the reason I started this site and the reason I keep it going. If I can do what I have done in the past year, there is no reason anyone else can’t!

So far, I am starting of 2013 with a Half-Marathon in Jan, returning to the Natural Bridge Caverns Half-marathon in Feb, Running an Ultra in March, and a Tough Mudder re-visit in April….beyond that, I don’t know….but I’ll take that down when it comes.

My “J”uaraches project is doing well (why haven’t you ordered some?) and I have thrown in my lot with the great giveaways that Jeff of “Barefoot Inclined” has decided to kickoff  the new year with! Check it out for your chance to win a custom-made pair of “J”uaraches! (and some other great stuff too)


Stay Muddy My Friends!!!