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It’s been a long time since I sat down to write a post about something that wasn’t a race review…
I have been incredibly busy, and I simply haven’t had the time to sit down and update the world on what’s in the life of MuddyJ!

First, let’s start with the free stuff to giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I posted the Bastrop Lost Pines Triathlon Review, and at the end I mentioned that the good folks at Spartan Race HQ have given me a race entry to pass along to a lucky reader in support of their new PR campaign:

castingbannerNow for those unfamiliar with a Spartan Race, I can only describe it as a Tough Mudder on steroids… well the course is anyway… you see, it really isn’t fair to compare the two… after all, the Tough Mudder is a challenge, not a race…

…and the Spartan Race is just that… a RACE…. and while the TM has it’s sense of comraderie and its “let’s everybody do this together attitude”… the Spartan Race has a completely different feel… No one will leave you down, or put you down… but you best have on your big boy undies when you cross the starting line- ’cause like they claim, “You’ll know at the finish line”

Think you got the stuff to take on the Spartan? Then why haven’t you entered the giveaway yet? A free entry means you’re out of excuses!

Spartan Race: Click HERE TO ENTER to win a free entry code  (link will take you off-site to rafflecopter)

Check out the winner of the above giveaway here

Now… with that said… What series has inspired me to have the most fun in a Mud Race?

in_logo_headeryep folks, that’s right, The Gladiator Rock ‘n Run… A race so nice I’ve run it twice –

The first time was a blast… my first encounter with an arctic obstacle… and even though I almost got neutered on the rope climb, I still went back for more the next time they came around a few months later..in fact the second time was so nice, the course was such a fun challenge that I got right back in the starting corral and ran it for a SECOND TIME that day!

When I heard they were coming back to San Antonio, I was overjoyed, and when they asked me to be an ambassador of badassedness again, I asked them only to let me run it, and to give one my readers a chance to come with me and to have as much fun as I do!

Gladiator Rock’n Run – Click Here to enter to win the 1 free entry code! (Link is off-site @ rafflecopter.com)  Give away has ended !!! try next time

I have been competing in Triathlons all Spring and Summer…and now… with a Rockin good Gladiator Run coming up, and a Spartan Beast to contend with… I need to get back into fighting shape...wanna see how I am getting ready?

Meet the MuddyJ version of a MAN-CAVE….

…and like any good lair… it needs a secret entrance…

2013-10-12 14.44.51

…and an extremely Vicious laser eye equipped guard dog…

2013-10-12 14.45.16..naw… I am just kidding… Dexter wouldn’t hurt anybody, but he is my new trail running training buddy:

2013-10-09 08.11.00But how does this all equate to OCR training…let’s start with the run:

Do you remember this contraption?

2013-10-04 11.11.45Well, it served me well through the Santa Antonio 5k, but when I loaded it up with 100 pounds of salt and a case of water and headed out for a run recently… I broke it… and then I had to make it better…

.. but when I am not running with a cart full’o heavy stuff behind me, I have found some beautiful trails near my new home right off the Salado Creek greenway:

…and it does occasionally rain here in San Antonio… though its still very rare…but on those days, I don my TM headband and get nasty!…

…so now I am back to developing a good running base again….

…now I need some strength training…

…and not just any strength training…

…so I built a (Home) Jungle ‘J’ym:

and yes… I have a bouldering wall in my home “office”

Well, time to go workout…

Stay Muddy My Friends!