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Good day everyone… the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway ended last night, and it’s time to meet the winner: Tri-athlete extraordinare and marathoner Red!

red announceIt’s funny to me that she’s wearing a “Beast Mode” t-shirt in the above photo, because knowing the Spartan Race, she’s going to need every ounce of her inner beast to complete one…

Let’s get to know her a little better:

MuddyJ: First, congratulations (and condolences) on winning the entry, would you please give my readers and me a short bio (no more than 5000 words please) ?

Red: I was an over-weight child and battled with eating disorders. I chose at age 20 to teach myself to exercise and eat healthy. In 2010, I finished my first Marathon in 5:58:00, falling into my husband’s arms at the finish line. Since then, I have met soo many positive role models and friends. Every training moment is surrounded by positive motivation from people that appreciate effort and don’t judge if you’re slow.

MuddyJ:What is your greatest personal athletic achievement to date?

Red: My greatest personal achievement so far is the Austin Longhorn 70.3 Ironman Triathlon in 2012. I finished in 8:55:30. I would never finished if it weren’t for some fabulous triathletes from Tri-sition Area that ran with me across the finish line with the sag-golf cart at our heels.

MuddyJ:Have you competed in a Spartan Race before, and what made you want to attempt a Spartan Race? If you haven’t done a Spartan Race, have you done any other Obstacle Course Races? If so, how was it?

Red: I have not yet competed in a Spartan race. I want to do the Spartan Beast because I need a new goal to push my personal limits. I will be 40 at the end of October and want to prove to myself that I can finish this tough/awesome race.

I completed the Rebel Run near Austin last year and had a blast doing it. I am ex-Army National Guard and the obstacles were a lot like the courses we would tackle in Army basic training (but without someone yelling a me)

MuddyJ:  Glad to hear you survived the Rebel Race! If you had fun there, you’ll definitely love the challenge and superior organization/quality the Reebok Spartan Series has to offer! Which upcoming race are you planning to enter? Are you sure you don’t want to start small with a Spartan Sprint, or are you planning to go for broke and try the SPARTAN BEAST?(as your tee-shirt in the picture above suggests)

Red: I am going for the BEAST! All or nothing baby! And, Muddy J, I will be chomping at your heels!

MuddyJ: A Spartan Beast, WOW! That’s awesome!! How are you going to train for that?

Red: I am going to take a sheet from the “Muddy J” handbook and start trail/mud running. I have a plan to incorporate Cross-fit type workouts with running and some high rep workouts. 

MuddyJ: A sheet from the MuddyJ handbook? Does that mean you may soon be shucking those foot coffins you call shoes?

Red: Hmmmm, Honestly, I am not sure about that..but I may try it sometime!

MuddyJ: Besides the amazingly-handsome and super-talented MuddyJ, can you name some of your other personal athletic heroes?

Red: well, besides MuddyJ (of course), there’s my friend and guru Mark Biggs (7 time Ironman triathlete), And Margaret Schlachter (obstacle endurance racer and host of Dirt in Your Skirt) 

MuddyJ: Anything else you care to add?– 

Red: I hope to show that anyone, with a little determination and awesome friends, can accomplish greatness! I can’t wait to share my training and racing with you all. Thank you Muddy J and the Spartan Race for this opportunity….I guess I’ll know at the finish line!

Well, that’s all for tonight…soon the Gladiator Rock n Run giveaway is ending! Be sure to enter!

Stay Muddy My Friends!