A little Re-write for 2013 Christmas season

“TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE Beast , and all through the place,

not a creature was stirring, ‘cept those fixing to race.


The race bags were packed into car trunks with care,

in the hopes that the morning would soon bring fair air.


The runners, now sleeping, would rise all-too-early from bed,

while visions of barbed wires and rope climbs danced in their heads.


The runners all sleeping and sound in their dreams,

would soon be facing challenges they’d not before seen…


In the morn’ their alarms went off, and made much a clatter,

It was actually quite normal, with nothing the matter.


Away to the start lines they drove like the flash,

and after picking up packets, donned bibs like a sash.


The start line apparent, their wave drawing near,

when what should appear to their eyes and their cheer?

A jolly round man, whom they’d been reading all year.


His orange-wrapped head made him simple to spot,

and they all knew right off, that lacking a friend on this course they now were NOT


His eyes were aglow as the challenges stated,

This was one Spartan’s who’s thirst could never be sated.


They knew in an instant they’d not lose their way,

for running this day was barefoot MuddyJ


All fears placed aside as music was played,

and excitement grew near as all fears were allayed.





The seconds clicked by and the appointed time came,

The start signal sounded, the course wasn’t tame.

All Spartan’s became one mind, with no sex and no name,

Hands were all held out, to aid beating the game.

As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly,

When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;

Up over steep walls all Spartan’s, they flew,

Crawled under barbed wire, in ice and mud too.

As the runners ran on with the course getting tougher,

The obstacles were harder, the terrain so much rougher,

Fatigue showed it’s face,putting some in their place,

While others, they revelled, in the challenge’s pace


Up ahead a short distance they saw Muddy J,

A true barefoot madman,scaling a mountain that was placed in his way.

His chest and back streaked with mud and with grime,

He was helping others complete the course, no care for his time.


His brown eyes were alight with the thrill of this hell,

and the runner’s all realized, this was about fun, not just skill


They ran up to the mount’s base, reaching out for his hands,

and helped them he did, as if they were the best of his friends.


A wink of his eye and a twist of his hips,

and lifted up to his level they were, just that quick!


Many took up his lead, laying down in his place,

then helped other runners to conquer this space.


They soon ran on, their helping overtaken,

soon the finish line loomed, and none were forsaken…


Every race has it’s end, a challenge to fear,

and no matter your pace, it quickly draws near…

Tough Mudder has Electric, the Rock’N Run Fire…

The Spartan Race freezes, burns and beats you as it’s final ire…


At the end they spotted their friend MuddyJ,

and they tried to say thanks for the help granted that day…


He waved of the gratis, stating that none was needed,

“Just pay if forward, now that it’s been seeded”


He donned his new Medal, collecting his prize,

Then another he grabbed , a tear in his eyes,


16 Miles of hell, through Ice and though Grime,

But Red had now finished, and it was HER TIME.

For around her exhausted neck her hard-earned medal he hung,

As a song of much joy in her heart, was sung.

I now say this again  to my many friends,

Muddy Christmas to all, may your fun never end.2013-12-15 16.51.38 muddyJfinalfinal