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Here we go faithful readers- not one, not two, BUT THREE Events have bestowed upon me the chance to let some lucky readers in on the fun! Drawings will be held on May 13th, and winners will be announced as quickly as I can get in touch with them!

As usual, I hide no secrets from my readers, I am addicted to obstacle racing…. here’s a little slideshow to prove it!

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So when I discovered that the Gladiator Rock’n Run was coming back to San Mud Antonio, I had to beg them ask them politely (in a manner which was difficult for them to refuse) to let me share the muddy love with another lucky reader…. And lo and behold, Dan ‘Nitro’ Clark has yet again bestowed upon me the chance to offer a free entry!

Seriously folks, I love this race series….and you can read about how much I loved it

  1. Here,
  2. and here
  3. And again here
  4. and here again!

So seriously, What the heck are you waiting for? Click here, the link will take you off-site to rafflecopter as my web host doesn’t support embedding the rafflecopter widget!


Drawing will be held on May 13th, 2014 to coincide with:

Ok, so we all know I am addicted to mud….




…and barefoot running….1010002_10152292712194485_717129264_n


…and obstacle races….2013-12-15 16.51.38

…and Dr Who…DoctorWhpall13Doctorssm

But did y’all ever suspect I might be an avid reader too? I mean, I mention Christopher McDougall’s barefoot friendly masterpiece “Born to Run” on a fairly regular basis, and Eric Orton’s “The Cool Impossible” is my new favorite running/training inspiration bible… and of course let’s not forget “Ender’s Game” …come to think of it, I have given enough clues that one could suspect I am, in fact, a bookworm!

But who writes about OCR’s? I mean besides me, in a novel format and beyond a simple how-to guide?

Is it even possible to capture the essence of OCR racing in literary form, and translate it to everyday life using the written word? Who, besides a legendary figure within the endurance racing community has the authority, knowledge and respect to write such a book? Maybe a nutcase who took down  The Badwater Ultra-marathon, The Lake Placid Ironman, and a 100 Mile trail run in Vermont…all within one week?

With those kind of stats I could only possibly be talking about Joe DeSena- Founder of the now-global Spartan Race.

Spartan Up! Will comprise 10 chapters, designed to teach you to
systematically apply the Spartan way to every aspect of your life: food/diet, working
out, health, business or work, education, relationships, parenting. Chapters will be
structured around the following:spartanup-cover

  1. A visceral description of an obstacle from Spartan races that symbolizes
    the greater life challenges. Whether it’s mud or ice water or greased
    walls, the rationale behind creating each obstacle will shed light on the
    lessons to be learned from it. By the time the reader reaches the end of
    Spartan Up! they’ll feel like they’ve run an entire race and have that same
    sense of accomplishment and empowerment.
  2. Guidance and advice on applying the lessons of the obstacle to their own
    life. The limits of brute strength and force; when to seek help and when to
    go it alone; how to overcome your weakest link—these are dilemmas that
    all of us face in everyday life. By the time you finish this book, you’ll have
    a much more finely honed sense of how to navigate everyday life, much as
    you navigated one of our gauntlets.
  3. Examples from my own history in adventure racing and business that
    illustrate the points being made in the chapter. My own unique voice and
    life experience will shine through at every turn, and while some may
    initially see me as a life coach from hell, they’ll come to realize that I have
    a heart of gold (albeit a well-conditioned one). I simply want them to
    experience the same breakthroughs I have.
  4. Examples from those who have already undertaken the Spartan
    challenges. The stories of these people will place readers on the edge of
    their seat, because they see so much of themselves in the tales. Many of
    these people were leading unsatisfactory lives and filled with self-doubt
    before entering a Spartan Race. But doing such extreme racing in short
    periods of time merged their work and their play, allowing one to bring
    meaning to the other.

Hey, it’s more than enough to get me excited… I can’t wait for this read!

“Spartan UP!” is due to release on May 13, 2014… more information on how to pre-order it can be found on the “Spartan UP!” page here!

So, in anticipation of the upcoming release, and because the powers that be at Spartan HQ are awesome-and because I begged  asked politely in a manner that was difficult to refuse, Here’s a chance to win a free entry to an upcoming 2014 Spartan Race!

Click here to enter the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway, the link will take you off-site to rafflecopter as my web host doesn’t support embedding the rafflecopter widget!

1186730_569178349844266_1875436678_n….and Last, but most certainly not least, I recently conquered The Trails N Tribulations OCR, with a little help from the Things Three…and now I am proud to be supporting another race from the same team of sadists course designers that created such an awesome beast of a course: The upcoming Pride Rush! (Austin Texas, June 21st)

Pride Rush is a mud run that is made for our LGBT community and its supporters! This run is 5k mud run that will take you through 10 obstacles of muddy, wet colorful fun! This event will take place in Austin, TX on June 21st 2014. There will be a host of events happening during the mud run with live DJ, contests and an after party like no other!

I seriously can’t say enough good things about these guys…in fact my own words about their course say it best:

Let’s all get this straight…the course I previewed was awesome…

…the course on Race Day can only be described accurately as the Best Home Grown OCR in the Great State of Texas!….


Click here to enter the Pride Rush Entry Giveaway, the link will take you off-site to rafflecopter as my web host doesn’t support embedding the rafflecopter widget!

Well, that’s all I have to give away for now folks!

See you out on some of these courses….

Stay Muddy My Friends!

Texas MuddyJ