In a nutshell: An amazingly delicious premium nutritional supplement, sold at a premium. If you’re in the market for this type of product, it’s worth the money.


Recently I had a chance to attend the one-year anniversary party of Mylo’s Obstacle Fitness, and I promise, I will soon do a feature on how awesome a place it is!

Among the festivities, obstacles and assorted other vendors, I met a young man named Jared, who was busy manning the IDLife booth. If you read me a lot, then you know I put a lot of stock in impressions. Jared made an impression, and it was a good one! He also gave me a few samples to try out at home. He genuinely enjoyed the product he was representing, and his passion and belief were evident as he described the product in great detail…. I would go into that detail, but the product website can do a much better job than I can….I am just here to tell you my impressions and thoughts on it….

As the day was beginning to end, he was giving out samples of his product, and since Dexter and I had been running Mylo’s obstacle course all day, I figured a little protein drink would do me some good. I looked at the flecks floating around in it a little suspicously, until I realized the flecks were milled chia…and we all know how I love my chia! I tilted my head back and braced myself for a healthy shot of foul tasting nastiness, which didn’t come! It was delicious!

I honestly was not prepared for the taste to be delicious….and I am not talking about delicious ‘for a nutrition shake’….which is kinda like bragging you won a 7th grade spelling bee while attending your sophmore year of college… I am talking about a truly delicious taste for itself.

At the event, I tried the Vanilla flavor, and the samples I was given were Chocolate. I mixed them up with Silk Almond milk a few days later for breakfast. Not only was the taste on par with the samples I had tried, it was a similar size to the protein shakes I usually have for breakfast (which don’t taste nearly as good, but are more keto friendly)

I am not a nutritionist, but I do know what I want to put in my body. According to the packaging’s nutrition information, the product is a little higher in the carbohydrate department than I prefer…but then again, I usually eat less than 55g of carbs per day. With an array of vitamins and minerals, I can imagine a world where satisfied people replace a meal in the morning or afternoon with this product, and finish out their day refreshed.

My only gripe about the product is the price point…but that’s because I am cheap… it’s a premium grade supplement, and sold at a price comparable (or sometimes less than) to comparable products.

But seriously folks…don’t take my words for it. Try it out yourself!

Check HERE for the complete nutritional information