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It has been a few short months since I started training at Power Park Fitness and wrote my first review of it. So much has changed and been improved that I feel a need to write a post letting y’all in on the upgrades.

First things first:

The pricing is just a little different,

(Check here to visit www.powerparkfitness.com if you want to verify these numbers)

  • First time visit with a PPF Coach is now $25 each for 1-4 people OR $15 each for groups of 5 or more
  • For those of you lucky enough to know PPF veterans who can show you around the course, a First Time Visit (without a coach) is still only $15
  • A regular pass is still only $15 per day
  • Children ages 5-12 are $10 each per visit
  • Spectator Passes can be purchased for $5 per adult, $2 per children under 10 years. (spectator passes = no obstacle access)

Multi-Visit Punch Cards are still available !!!!

  • 5 Visits- $65 ($13 per visit)
  • 10 Visits- $110 ($11 per visit)


Now, about that pesky little Green Mile….

The Salmon Ladder eXtreme has been moved to an indoor training facility, and an additional two Warped Walls have been constructed. The building is still under improvement, and Power Park Fitness has BIG plans for what’s going to be inside.

10645097_694824927275081_8891377302502185143_nHeading back out to the Green Mile, the first upgrade you’ll encounter is the clearly marked Starting and Finishing lines, as well as a brightly colored line running alongside the course. Not only does the cord act as a fence to keep runners on course, but it changes color every Kilometer (1000 meters) to let you gauge your distance and pace.

“Leapathon” and “Tyrolean Traverse” are unchanged, but turning the first corner brings you to an upgraded and expanded version of “Walk The Plank”:


“Walk the Plank” is longer and meaner, and has multiple lanes to avoid being a choke-point


…and a short sprint up the hill reveals that “Trapz” has received a facelift and upgrade as well:

…which bring you to the next surprise…

The Green Mile USED to be 1.25 miles, but has recently gained another 1/4 mile loop….and at the center of that loop sits a 24 foot long traverse wall, and yes, the new trail is unforgiving and challenging:

The new loop starts and finishes at roughly the same spot, leaving you back on the top beside “Trapz” where you left it to continue along the trail.

“Hand Work” has received a second lane, as well as a sand pit beneath to soften the impact of both intended and unintended landings:

“Crawl-Over-Crawl” is unchanged, but the “Vine Climb” has received a sand-pit at its base as well.

The “Wall of Sparta” has been moved up the course,  and “Sea of Holes” has been moved to the Wall’s former location just before “Log Jam”, not a huge change, but it did take me by surprise the first time I encountered the changes….

The “Hercules Hoist” hasn’t changed in function, but it has received a very aesthetically pleasing facelift with the addition of a safety fence and each log’s weight:

The Spear Toss has also received a facelift, with the addition of a ‘throw line’ (Spartan Race Distance is marked) and a storage sheath for the spears when they are not in use.

2014-07-26 11.33.16 (2)

Finishing out our virtual tour, the only notable changes to the rest of the course are:

A new sand-pit under “Arm Blaster” and “Slider”

IMG_8035 (4)

“Slider” Also gained a second lane…. which makes the obstacle a whole lot tougher!

IMG_8353 (2) …and the final obstacle, “Tarzan” has gained a sand-pit as well.

That’s all for now….but I am sure some more changes will be made in the not-too-far-future…and of course I’ll keep you updated!

Now to get back to training for ThunderDash, The Glen Rose Spartan Beast, and Trails n’ Tribulations 2!

Stay Muddy My Friends!