About MuddyJ (2012)

About MuddyJ & The Zombie Apocalypse

or more appropriately:

How AMC’s show “The Walking Dead” indirectly created a mud addict….

Hi, My name is MuddyJ and I was a couch potato. In January of this year (2012), I was 40 lbs overweight and ADDICTED to sitting on my keister all day and watching television….

I was catching up on an episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC and saw an advertisement for the additional content available on their webpage.

Who doesn’t love additional zombie content? I waddled over to my computer to check it out…

My memory SUCKS. Seriously. A few too many concussions in my life.

Because my memory is so flawed, Google is one of my best friends…

I type “walking dead” in the search bar, and off to the side, in that area of advertisements that we all try to ignore pops up an ad for this…. go ahead and click on it, YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO….. It’s ok, I will wait…

Pretty cool huh….

I signed up, found some videos on it and decided I needed to start training for it!

Then I came across THIS… and I decided I really and truly needed to get back into shape….I was in a shape, but that shape was ROUND, and I didn’t want to be round anymore…..

The event finding continued…. for about $800….( maybe I have a shopping problem)

I got a gym membership, (Gold’s) and started working out whenever I could… mostly in the AM…..

I did my first 10k in Feb, my First half-marathon in March… then I decided to try out some obstacle racing to train for the Tough Mudder in October… I let you know how I do… I Demolished it!

ALSO, Here’s My Disclaimer!


This site contains the reviews and opinions of myself and myself alone, except where expressly mentioned. These opinions are MY OPINIONS and impressions, and they are not influenced by anything beyond my personal experience.Ā  With that said, I am always happy to accept free stuff!

I am not a Doctor or personal trainer, and all training advice is just that:ADVICE.Ā  It worked for me, or it didn’t work for me, so try it…or don’t. I am just a guy who hit his mid-life crisis and already owned a sports car…so over-training seemed like another outlet.

If you feel the need, I can be reached via my comments on this blog, this page here as well as via email @ jasonpdipane@gmail.com, or on twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/mudeeJ

The Finish line.... 13.1 miles after I started, I was back at the Alamo

-on my right wrist (Austin Jailbreak)

again, right wrist, covered in mud


the sand encrusted mud monster finish....

Mrs MuddyJ and myself after a dip in the lake and a change of clothing (for me)

The finish line, Special thanks to Mrs. MuddyJ for her composition including the clock


halfway up the final hill




Mud nuts roasting on an open fire....


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14 thoughts on “About MuddyJ (2012)”

  1. I found the link to Run for your Lives on your blog… my friend and I just signed up for the SoCal one in October – my first 5k! Thanks so much! Now I just have to train for it!! šŸ™‚

  2. That is cool that you are doing the mud runs. I would love to try one in the future. I think I am going to like your blog. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi MuddyJ! Thanks for stopping by Weshallhavepie and liking following our blog! I popped over here and your blog is awesome! Tina and I did the 5km Spartan obstacle race last summer and loved it! We were undertrained tho, so I am looking forward to reading your blog and getting some helpful training tips!!!

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