Contact MuddyJ

I truly appreciate (constructive) feedback, as well as “attaboys”!

I can be reached via:

email #1 :

Email #2 :

Tribesports: Muddy J

YouTube Channel: MuddyJVideos

Facebook: MuddyJ.Blog

Twitter: @coyotephoto

Athlinks: Jason P DiPane

Sorry everyone, I just don’t do snail mail (USPS), and smoke signals tend to present too much of a fire-hazard.

In the event of Z-day, I will be reachable @ ……yeah right, like I would tell you so you’d know when you got turned into an un-dead abomination…

Keep Running, and STAY MUDDY!

1 thought on “Contact MuddyJ”

  1. Mary D Nava said:

    I don’t see prices for the barefoot shoes?

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