What To Pack For An Obstacle Race (updated for 2014)

Throughout all my reviews, I mention my “Race Bag”, So I figured I would dedicate a page to it’s contents. Some of it may seem like overkill, but I have used EVERYTHING IN IT at one time or another, and I have never been left wanting for something when I am far from home.

I use an average backpack, nothing special about it, But I do tie an Orange Bandanna to the top for easy identification by Bag check staff

Here’s what’s in it, as well as why:

  1. Sharpie Marker: for marking your bib number all over you
  2. Sunblock: If i could offer you only once piece of advice for the future, sunscreen would be it, I prefer Banana Boat Baby SPF 50+for really long races because it doesn’t sting too bad when it sweats into my eyes.
  3. Plastic Shopping Bags: for your dirty clothes, bring extra and make a new friend when someone near you in a changing tent realizes how muddy their clothing is, and they don’t have anything to put it in….
  4. Socks: I usually bring 3 pairs, might seem like overkill, but I like to drive home in dry socks when possible my favorites are De-Feet Aerator’s for “normal shoes” and Injinji lightweights to go with my Vibrams… 2014 update: I so rarely wear shoes I no longer worry about socks, even in my Vibram KSO’s or TrekSports. I have heard many OCR racers swear by calf length socks though.
  5. Clean Shoes: to change into, flip-flops are also a good choice if that’s how you roll
  6. Underwear: If you aren’t going commando…I like boxer briefs…(laugh if you clicked THAT link)
  7. Clean Pants/Shorts: depends on the weather and where I am going after the race
  8. Shirt from the race I am About to Run: if applicable
  9. Sport Beans: Gu and other energy gels leaving me with severe gastro-intestinal distress, but these babies always help, 1 pack before a race, and 1-2 after depending on the length… for 1/2 marathons or longer, I bring a pack with me.  2014 Update: I now follow a Ketogenic Diet, and as a result, I only keep salt packets with me nowadays. If you are a carb dependant runner, then you definitely need to experiment with sports nutrition before undertaking an endurance race.
  10. Deodorant: who wants to stink ALL the way home?
  11. Body-glide:if you have ever chafed, anywhere, this stuff is the best…. it doesn’t stink or feel icky, it just slides along….
  12. Gloves: I used to wear full-finger gloves for obstacle races, but my hands have become so calloused, these just stay in the bag. My glove of choice is a short-cuff unlined leather glove, like Dexter wears… 2014 update: I no longer wear any gloves while racing at all, unless it’s really cold and/or I am cycling in cold weather. Through trial and error, I have discovered them to be more of a problem than a solution during obstacle races, and I have built up callouses where I need them.
  13. Sunglasses: only for road races or straight trail runs, never obstacle races.
  14. Runner’s Sleeves: I just don’t ever take these out, unless I am going to wear them, a must for colder weather, they just don’t take up enough space to leave at home
  15. Safety Pins: Sturdy pins are sometimes hard to come by, bring some of your own.
  16. Athletic Tape: in case of minor sprains
  17. Duct tape: ’cause you’re never truly prepared for anything without a roll of duct tape around… my roll is, you guessed it…Day-Glo Orange
  18. Baby Wipes: for the clean up after pre-race jitters, as well as post race mud in sensitive areas

On my person, I wear my VFF KSO’s, Injinji lightweight no-show socks, My trademark Day-Glo Orange Recon Wrap, Lined BCG Running Shorts, My RoadID & my Racing bib (pinned to my right leg, slightly off to the side) 2014 update: Now I wear Game Gear Medium weight Compression Shorts for warmer climes, and Full length compression tights for cooler races … the tights I got At Walmart, (Starter Brand) and the shorts are cheap enough on Amazon to not worry about them getting shredded in a race, but have held up through a half dozen half marathons, as well as back-to-back Spartan Hurricane Heat/ Spartan Super in the same day…cheap yet tough!

I wear the shirt I earned @ the last race to the gear check, and leave it in my bag when I check it, then don the New race shirt upon completion of the current race…

Hope this helps! Happy Racing!

Stay Muddy My Friends!

2013-11-09 11.19.35 2013-11-10 11.33.44 20131110_095814 2014-01-12 10.19.21 6355

does this make my ass look big?

does this make my ass look big?

1891028_10202459964811784_1720338326_n 2014-03-22 20.54.49-1 70_8337d9038b38402d44038bfe838cf36f_Super_FireZone.jpg 70_8dca83872ea82a73627fe7eeba0f91d8_Super_FireZone.jpg 2014-05-22 22.48.30 2014-05-22 14.44.48 2014-05-22 12.42.10 2014-05-19 02.05.38 2014-05-19 01.01.26 2014-05-18 01.43.31 1613878_10202934340190872_1919178184158422441_n

7 thoughts on “What To Pack For An Obstacle Race (updated for 2014)”

  1. Hey Muddy; Thanks for the tips. I’m just a rookie (an old rookie but a rookie none the less) in the world of obstacle races. I can use all the tips I can get. I’m sort of addicted but time wont let me attend as many so I invent my own stuff for the weekends! Spartan coming up next week-only the Sprint this year-The Beast next year; then the Warrior in July and the Tough Mudder in August.
    Nice blog – I’ll be chacking in regularly! Orange day-glo…hmmm


    • Thanks Coach….Let me know if you think I am missing anything from this list! Happy Racing & Good Luck on your first Spartan Race! Let me know how you do!

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